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Josie Maran, what a discovery!

After 3 months in the U.S., dealing with all the snow and the winter sun, was IMG_2174starting to be tough on my skin, so, I decided to head off to Sephora and look for a good day moisturizing cream with a high SPF, that would protect my skin from these cold winter days.  To my surprise, I came across this brand, which I had never heard of, (looks like she is quite famous here in the U.S.) called Josie Maran. I absolutely love her brand. $30 a bottle of pure Argan Daily Mosturizer, with an SPF of 47. I couldn’t believe the price, for a cream that is natural (no nasties) and with such a high SPF. I decided to buy it, no hesitations. Just by trying it on your hand, you get that instant glow and radiance. Makes your skin feel healthy, smooth and it gives that
silky feeling to the touch. Adequate for all skin types, non greasy. If you are looking for a daily moisturizer, this will be your smart bet for sure. I will guarantee, you will not be disappointed!!

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