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Clarisonic, OMG!

Everyone is talking about the Clarisonic!! What makes the Clarisonic different from other electric cleaning brushes? Why should I buy the Clarisonic if I can buy other brushes that will also clean my skin and are much cheaper? These were the questions I asked myself  before acquiring the Clarisonic. After some research I understood why! Clarisonic, does not rotate like other brushes do, it cleans your skin with a patented sonic technology that makes the brush oscillate 200 to 350 times per second. It works gentle on your skin and only  brushes away dead and dirty skin cells. Really? Yes, Really!!!!!

I recently bought mine, and was really excited about it. I just kept reading reviews about how wonderful it was, how your skin glowed after its use, how your fine wrinkles would diminish, etc. Personally, I hesitated on which one to buy: Mia1 or Mia2? The only difference is that Mia2 comes with two different speeds, one speed is softer than the other one. I use the softer speed in the mornings (when your skin is not that dirty), and the faster speed in the evenings. I went for the Mia2. Yes, it is more expensive than Mia1, but I guess its worth it if you know you are going to use it constantly. ($99 for Mia1, $149 for Mia2).

Mia2 comes in a box with its charger and a travel case (which is quite nice to use when you travel around). Important: Leave your Clarisonic to charge 24hours for the first time if you want your battery to last.

I have been using it for 2 months now, and WOW! I have noticed that my skin feels cleaner, smoother and it definitely glows. If you are that type of person with black spots on your T zone, you might as well hurry up an buy your Clarisonic now!! They do get better! I used to clean my black spots weekly…and I can’t think about the last time I’ve done so.

You can purchase their cleanser as well. I personally use my Shiseido cleanser, and it works just fine.

Please remember, being constant with  your skin it what makes a difference. Try to find those two minutes a day to let your skin breath and glow.

Thanks for reading!!!!

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