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Must Haves in your bag

I usually carry around big bags with me, so I always have some basic must haves in it. In this post I will talk about the 4 must haves for quick “retouch” in case you need it. I have chosen Liz Earle Color Sheer Skin Tint, Nars Satin Lip Pencil, Benefit Puff Off and Mac’s Fleur Powder.

Starting with Liz Earle Color Sheer Skin Tint: This is an english brand, specially a skin care brand, however they have recently launched themselves in the make up adventure, and honestly I have only tried this sheer skin tint. I usually buy it through their web page, if I am not traveling to England. It has a nice blend of vitamins and an SPF of 15 which is quite nice to have in your every day make up. The down side of it is its price, it is not cheap. It’s around 23 pounds, which are $35. However, I still think it’s worth it, you will get a good-looking face as soon as you put it on! I sometimes wake up pale and with puffy eyes, as soon as I put this cream on, I look totally different.

Benefit Puff Off: Okay, so their products are really cool. I love their packaging and all their marketing behind it. Their products usually do what they tell you. I have been disappointed on some of their skin care products (which I will talk in some other post), but this puff off works. If your thing is morning puffy eyes, you have to try this!! It has like a “twinkling” effect after you put it on, which feels really good. Head in to Sephora and try it yourself..! Make sure to have your puffy eyes with you:-). I have it in my bag because it will also illuminate  my eye area. The cost of this product is $29. I got mine at Sephora.

Nars Lip Pencil: I always wear a lipstick in my bag, I think that putting on some natural color in your lips makes you look better. Please don’t put on some red sparkly color first thing in the will only give you this horrible after party girl look. Choose some nice natural color that will hydrate and make your lips glow its natural color.This Nars lip Pencil has a neutral tone color, called Rikugien. It works really well on me, but each lip tone is different. You just have to find yours. $26 for this lip pencil. I went lucky and got it as a present in Sephora for my birthday, isn’t that nice? 😉

Last, but not least, always carry a blush. I love MAC’s blush, they have so many different tones. However, there are thousands of brands out there that also work. Just choose yours and put it in your bag. MAC’s blushes cost $22, which is a really good price.

Hope you enjoyed my post today!

See  you soon.






Liz Earle:



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