What to do with your body skin if you are pregnant #1

Hi everyone!

There have been a few friends these past days that have asked me for this post, so here we go with our first pregnancy post.

When I became aware that I was  pregnant of my 2-year-old daughter I started to read about how to take care of my skin. I obviously did not want to get any stretch marks, (who does?), but at the same time I had to be really careful on what I was putting into my skin.

Watch out girls with what you rub into your skin during pregnancy. If you are using a firming gel, it will probably have caffeine or Lcarnitine, which is NOT good for your baby. So stop using those creams right now!!! Also, the rest of you skin care products are probably full of nasties (parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, artificial colorants,etc.) which you do NOT want your baby to be getting.

What I highly recommend for you and your belly is the Mama Mio brand. I used all of their products through my 9 months, and was SO happy with them. These are 4 women , 3 from the UK and another from California which have created this marvelous brand 8 years ago. I love their philosophy, their marketing and all their beauty work. Good job.

The products I would recommend and that you can purchase through my links, if you would like, are the following:

For your tummy: Tummy Rub, this is a tummy rub, dense cream, that will help your skin gain elasticity, as your belly starts to expands.  When I first got it I thought, Oh no! This cream is so thick that it’s going to stain all my clothes!! But it did not. Your skin will absorb it in a second, with its nice lemon like scent. I think this is definitely a MUST if you are pregnant. $32 the bottle, which is a fair price for such a complete cream. Remember it has no NASTIES. You can also find it on oil texture, if you prefer it. I have never tried it , though I do have a friend using it and loving it.

For your boobs: OH MY……boobs…bye bye boobs…you will never see them again, LOL. However, I do have to say, that this BOOB TUBE helps firm your bust skin. Always try using some product to help them stay firm during your pregnancy. I will tell you, they grow, so you better look after them if you want  to see any of them back:-)boob tube

I personally did not get tired or swollen legs, but if you do, Lucky Legs is a cooling gel, that instantly gives you a feeling of freshness to calm your swollen skin. Give it a try if you need a SPA break.

If you live outside of America, you will find your products through their Mama Mio web page, instead of my links.

It will continue….

Thanks for reading, as always!!!

Any questions? Find me at gogloow1@

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