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Yoga for the face

On this post I want to highlight the importance of Yoga for the face. We have talked about some products that will help your skin glow, look good, and healthier, but this will cost you no money, you can do it anywhere,it will only take a few minutes of your day and will make a difference on the firmness of your skin. So what do you say? Do you like to work out, go to the gym, and tone your body muscles? Then you should also make your face muscles have their small daily work out too. They need it as well, just like any other muscle on your body.

There are many yoga exercises you can do to stretch and tone those small muscles.

Today I am going to talk about my two favorite exercises which I try to do daily. Where? Well…you will laugh… 😉 but I usually do it when I drive somewhere or when I’m cooking, (my husband laughs when he sees me), but I am telling you it will help you get rid of some wrinkles, or at least it will change the downward lift. I tend to have some wrinkles around my nasal-labial fold so I do this yoga exercise to help them stay toned. First of all, you breath in, and while holding your breath, you inflate one of your cheeks, and move the air from cheek to cheek. Do this, until you run out of air, and then exhale. If you do this three or four times a day, you will see a change.

yoga face

Second exercise I like is called fish face. You press your lips tight, get some air, and inflate both of your cheeks. Stay like this for as long as you can. You will start to feel the muscle work with this one, I’m telling  you. (I must say I am really constant, and this is what will make a difference with any of the things you try).

Stay tuned in this week. I will keep you posted with some yummy products.


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3 thoughts on “Yoga for the face

  1. Jajajjajajaja Carol…. Nunca había oído hablar del yoga face y me parece muy interesante. Comprendo que es mejor hacerlo a solas porque puedes provocar la carcajada de alguien. Gracias por el consejo me ha gustado mucho.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Empieza a probarlo. Ya veras como lo notas. Yo lo hago mientras conduzco…así que seguro que alguna carcajada se han echado a mi costa, jeje. Empieza en frente del espejo para hacerlos bien.


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