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DIY: Vitamin C powder, just amazing.

Today we have a special guest with us: Lorena. She is one of my dearest friends, who wanted to join us today to share with us her secret on keeping her skin glowing as it is. Do not miss out! I am leaving you in her hands today. Thanks Lorena and enjoy girls!!

Hello ladies, I have a gorgeous gogloow skin tip for you today, which you can do yourself and at home. I want to show you how to use Vitamin C in combination with your night cream. Vitamin C, is probably, the most powerful antioxidant found out there in nature, who’s uses have increasingly grown in beauty products and saloon treatments.lemon-powder

When I was living in London, several years ago, I discovered, at a beauty shop, this cute travel bag with some cream regime essentials by Dr Sebagh. (If you do not know Dr.Sebagh, I have to tell you, he is worldwide known for being a genius skincare expert, who does a very good job in keeping us young). In this travel bag, I found this little container with some Vitamin C powder, which said I needed to add to one of the night creams. I found this funny and at the same time mind blowing. Why would I put this sticky, orange smell powder into my skin? Well, let me tell you, I had the most amazing results. My skin became brighter, lighter, and overall, it really felt as if the Vitamin C was doing its job by fighting away the free radicals. Simply amazing. 


I am still using this Vitamin C product, which I am actually purchasing at amazon. It is a total  inexpensive product ($8), and even the smallest size, which is 50 gr, goes a long way. 

I, personally, like to follow this routine for a couple of months, especially during and after summer where skin is suffering excess sun exposure. Try it yourself, add a pinch of Vitamin C powder to your daily night cream, mix well and apply directly into your skin, you will see results almost immediately.
Much gogloow to all of you ladies! Lorena

So, what do you say? Did you  like it? Please follow me if you enjoy what you read.

I am trying the vitamin C tonight. I am excited!! What are you waiting for? Let your skin glow!

See you soon.


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