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Gogloow’s best kept “secret”: Tracy Anderson

I am sure, that those of you who know me well, were expecting this post! This is probably my best well known “secret”, for staying healthy and fit. I am a fan, freak, fanatic…you name it, of Tracy Anderson. I would guess that everyone, by now, should know who she is, but for those who don’t, OMG!! Really??? Haha. There is always a first time.

Tracy Anderson is a celebrity trainer. She actually trains celebrities such as, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow (which I am an absolute fan of, as well). I stumbled upon her by accident 6 years ago. I was browsing through a girls magazine, when suddenly I stopped to read what it said below one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s picture. Somewhere around there it said, “Tracy Anderson”. Don’t ask me why, but I googled it. And Voila…6 years later I am all hooked up on her method.IMG_1819

She has been working very hard throughout all these years, and she has done many more videos. When I started out with her, I started with her Method Mat. It is a very different workout to other workouts you have probably seen or done. In the Method Mat, she does not talk too much, she just goes straight to action,which is why, either you knew something about fitness or you were kind of lost. I think ,she figured out that she was being kind of “criticized” for this, and this is why she has launched many more explicative videos now, which are great for beginners. In her workouts, she likes to play with a lot of different rotations, that are important, precision in the movement is the key for results. For those of you with little or no knowledge in fitness try Method for beginners.

I have bought them all, done all and loved all. Method mat, Precision Toning, Method for Beginners, Post pregnancy, Metamorphosis, The Pregnancy Project, etc.  The special thing about her, is that she basically reengineers your body structure. Whatever body concern you have, it will go away with her method. She likes us to lift no more than 2 pounds, working with our body weight, and doing a lot of repetitions (which believe me, are VERY TOUGH!!), as a way to exhaust the large muscle groups first and get into the smaller muscle groups. This is what will give you a ballet dancer body. 🙂


She does say it is important to work out 5/6 days a week, if you want a see results. I workout with her, 6 days a week…no diets, no crazy running, no nothing. Only Tracy…and my body has shrunk-to-fit. My arms are long and lean, my abs are femininely defined, and my legs are strong. So, basically, everything that she says will happen, HAPPENS! You have to be very consistent and keep up with her work. No miracles here. Just hard work. But, if you do what she says, you will get the most amazing body.

She has been a dancer for many years so she knows what she is doing. Her moves are a mix of Pilates, Dance, Yoga, Aerobic…a bit of everything, and that makes Tracy. A unique and amazing trainer.

I have got all my friends back in Spain hooked up in her method. What are you waiting for? Let your body Glow!!!

You don’t need anything special, just a chair, a mat, 2 pound weights and Tracy Anderson’s DVD which is the only thing you need to buy.

Don’t miss out, coming up next: Time for yourself, Yoga at home and many more skin glow stuff…

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