DIY: Simple coconut scrub for brittle and dry nails

I wanted to share with you today a quick Do it Yourself. If you have weak, dry and brittle nails, which is lately my case due to the cold weather, try out this simple and easy home made scrub. You will not regret it.

Remember I talked about Coconut Oil some past posts ago? Well, you can also apply it to your nails as a way to keep them quenched with moisture. Depending on the quantity you want to make, you should add more or less spoonfuls of coconut oil. I did a small quantity of it, but you can do  more quantity if you wish to, just store it in a sealed glass jar. Tip: You can also use the scrub on your body while showering. I love that soft sensation after using it.

I mixed two spoonfuls of melted coconut oil (I melted it in the microwave for like 30 seconds), and then I added 4 spoonfuls of sugar more or less. Add sugar until the mixture turns dense. If you want, you can apply some scent of your choice. I did not add any scent because I love how coconut smells by itself. Its this simple!! Try scrubbing it gently on to your nails every day or every other day and you will see a difference. Your nails will appreciate it for sure. Your cuticles and nails will be smooth and nourished. Remember, coconut oil is jam-packed with antioxidants that protect the integrity of the skin as well as working as an antibacterial and anti fungal which are great to keep our nails healthy.   Try it out!!

If you want to buy Virgin Coconut Oil, click here.

See you soon. Don’t miss the next post. 🙂

Take Care Xx

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