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Lashes, lashes and more lashes!

How many of you wear mascara on a daily basis? For those of you who do, I am hoping that you do take a minute to nourish your eye lashes every day before putting on your mascara and after taking it off as well. This is crucial to keep your eyelashes healthy and growing. FullSizeRender-9I am going to start by talking about  Dior Lash Plumping SerumHave you ever heard of it? I have been using it for 4 months now. I was trying to find a product that would keep my lashes as healthy as possible while giving them volume at the same time. I found this one by Dior. I must say I love to use it before and after applying my mascara. It prepares the surface of eyelashes for a maximum effect of the mascara and it will help to give your lashes extra volume and length. Something I do not like that much about it, is that the product is white, and when you want to apply it by itself it will make your lashes look white. Yucky!! ;-0 I do not wear mascara every day, so I like to apply a daily serum without having to apply mascara afterwards. Unfortunately, this product does not allow me to do so. Unless, you like your lashes to look white. Besides, that small insignificant detail, it is a fantastic product. What I really like about it, is that it contains a unique cell-conditioning complex which has been made up of hydrolyzed soy proteins, that work to make your lashes grow strong in the long-term. The best part of it is its price: $28. You can buy it at amazon prime for $39, if you don’t have time to go shopping. If not, try Sephora. FullSizeRender-8

For my mascara I love, love, looooove, this gorgeous Benefit Mascara: they’re Real. Probably the best mascara in the market nowadays. I have pretty long lashes myself, but as soon as I put this product on, my eyelashes elongate transforming into sexy fans. I absolutely recommend it to everyone. I use it on special occasions to make my eyes stand out. You can find at Sephora, Benefit stores and Amazon for $32. You will not regret it. However, do not forget to apply the serum first, if you want your beautiful eyelashes to stay there for many years to come.

Last and not least, Belcis Mascara: I like to use this mascara on a daily basis. It works great by creating length and volume and at the same time it protects and nourishes with its vitamin E in it. Isn’t that wonderful? You can find it in Spanish pharmacy’s and its price should be around 9-10 Euros. Sorry for all my non-Spanish followers, who won’t be able to find it anywhere else.

What products do you use? Please share your comments with us!

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