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Super food for your hair

After the summer our hair loses shine, proteins, and thickness due to the sun, wind and sea water. This is why I like to give my hair some care and attention when the summer ends. I usually do not have much time in my day to make elaborate homemade mascaras,  as I have my little one asking for attention, so, what I basically do is very simple and best of all- you can all do it at home:


Hair Mask

  1. Buy Virgin Expeller pressed Coconut Oil in your grocery store. If you can find the organic kind, then good for you. 🙂 I bought mine at TJMaxx.
  2. Apply the coconut oil into your hair little by little, massaging it into your tips. Be wise here and do not apply too much as it will only get greasy and it will not give you more moisture. Your hair can only absorb some of it.  I try to avoid the scalp so that it doesn’t get too oily.
  3. I try to apply it the night before I’m washing my hair so that it has the whole night to penetrate. If you are not up for that, you can let it sit in your hair for 30 minutes and then proceed to wash with your regular shampoo.

Hair Gel

  1. I also like to use it as a hair gel by applying a small amount to the tips of my hair tips when I feel them dry.

And voilá, this is me after applying Coconut Oil as hair gel. I usually like to go very natural with my hair, so I do not spend a lot of time styling…but you will notice your hair feels softer, shinier and healthier. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you. FullSizeRender

It is a very simple and natural at-home treatment that you hair will appreciate.

Keep in mind that this is one of the multiple uses Coconut Oil offers you. If you follow my blog, you will surely know that I use it for many other things apart from my hair :-).

Don’t miss next week’s post, very exciting one to come.

Have a nice weekend.

Gogloow xx

*Cover photo taken from Pinterest

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