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Goodbye to chapped lips. Best 3 Lip Scrubs.

We all want to have those full and soft lips, especially when we see the winter coming. DIY lip scrubs is very easy to do at home but we can also find very good, natural and non expensive lip scrubs in the market. These are the three I have selected for you:

  1. LUSH Bubble Gum Scrub: FullSizeRender
    Not only does this smell delicious but it does wonders to your lips. A blend of exfoliating fair trade sugar and moisturizing Jojoba Oil will leave your lips irresistibly soft leaving you with a delicious sweet taste.  Scrub some of the product on your lips and when you’re done just lick the excess of it, yumm!!! Tastes so good. I like that it is made with 100% natural ingredients and its price is totally affordable, $9,95.
  2. Iced Mint Lemonade from Philosophy: This minty lemonade will buff away dead skin leaving your lips soft and supple with its natural sugars and oils. Rub some onto your lips for 15 seconds and remove excess with a damp tissue. I like its scent along with its price $15 and the fact that it is made without parabens and phthalates, which are what I call “nasties”.  FullSizeRenderHowever, I feel like there is less sugar granules in it than in the Lush one, making the scrub a bit less intense, which is what I like about the LUSH one.
  3. e.l.f Lip Scrub: FullSizeRenderThis has a been nominated as a best seller and there is a lot of people that swear by it. Not only is its price really attractive, $3, but its lipstick format makes it a very good lip scrubland very easy
    to apply anywhere/anytime. Made with sugars and oils, like Jojoba Oil and Avocado Oil, it will make your lips feel softer and it will get them ready for any lip color you want to put on.

Bottom line: All these three will work great on your lips. Make sure to scrub your lips 2 times a week to get them to look healthy and to keep them young. Remember, lips are as important as any other type of skin in our face. SO, go gloooow!!IMG_5318

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