Skin Care

Back Again

I am finally back after 3 months. Much has happened since. I have given birth to a beautiful girl and looking after her and my other daughter have been keeping me very busy. Things seem to have settled down now and I seem to manage my time better, so I am ready to start blogging again. Yeay!

I will begin by talking about the Perricone skincare Plasma Kit I got for Christmas.

This is how it looks and what it contains:

Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment

Photo Plasma

Cold Plasma Eye care

Hyalo Plasma

FullSizeRenderIt costs around $100 and as for pricing, it is pretty much a good deal, considering that each individual product would already cost around $100. I have heard marvelous things about Perricone and I do love some of his products such as the Finish Moisturizer with  a tint. However, I am not a huge fan of this kit, specifically.

First of all, the Cold Plasma Eye smells like fish. It’s disgusting. I have read critics that say it works wonders but sincerely, I prefer to have some wrinkles than to have to apply this serum, Lol. I am still applying it night and day, and I am sure it keeps the eye area hydrated but MAAAAN, can’t they add a nicer scent to it? Verdict: I will not purchase this product again just because of its smell.

The Blue Plasma Cleanser is a nice refreshing cleaning lotion. I did like it a lot. I have heard that the Blue Plasma is even nicer. I have had a dark spot on my forehead for ages and I think that the use of this cleanser  in combination with the Finishing Moisturizer tint, which has Vitamin C, have made it fade away. Verdict: I would purchase it again.

The Hyalo Plasma is OK, I mean, I have used other products that I have liked more, with probably the same purpose, a booster of Hyaluronic Acid to the skin. But it does leave the skin silky and smooth to the touch. I am hesitant about whether or not I would purchase it again just because its completely overpriced for what I think it does.

Photo Plasma: I have not used this one specifically yet as I am still finishing Perricone’s Finish Moisturizer with a Tint, which I absolutely love and I will repurchase and repurchase!! I am sure Photo Plasma is a great moisturizer as well.

Verdict for this Kit: 7/10. I will probably not buy it again. I think Perricone has other products sold individually that are much better.





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