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2 Inexpensive Products That Rock

I have recently purchased these 2 products in a drugstore and I am loving them so much that I am sure you are going to love them too.




  • Instant Age Rewind from Maybelline (Brightener)
  • L’Oreal True Match Cushion


-This L’Oreal True Match Cushion is perfect to carry inside your bag. Perfect for a retouch. Perfect for when you are in a hurry (which seems to be me lately). Perfect to apply on-the-go for a fresh luminous glow. It is easy to apply and has a perfect coverage (covering more or less depending on how much product you get on the puff applicator). So many “perfects” that it makes this product a must. Its great for covering imperfections and it does not settle into lines, which is great! They sell it in any drugstore for approximately $15 (depending on where you go). You can also purchase it on Amazon, find the shade that suits you best and click on buy.

– If you read my blog, you have probably heard me talk on a past post about this Instant Rewind Concealer from Maybelline. This one here is the same one but in a different tone. It is more of a Brightener than a concealer and it is my new favorite now!  You can either apply it by itself (only as a highlighter) or you can use it after having applied a concealer of your choice. Personally, I love the light tone from this same line.  Perfect to apply anywhere, I love the luminosity it gives to the eye area when applied with its sponge applicator. And I love that it doesn’t crease. Love, love and love. I bought it ar CVS for $9 but you can find it cheaper on Amazon.




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