In Search Of The Aluminum Free Deodorant That Works

I am surprised to see how difficult it is to find an aluminum free deodorant in the USA. I have tried probably every drugstore there is in town and all of the deodorants I see are  anti-perspirant. Totally shocking!!!!Is there no awareness on how bad aluminum is?

When I was living in Spain I used to have my favorite which I did not change for any other deodorant in the world, Sanex Natur Protect. Since I have moved to America I have done some trial and error, trying different brands and I have made a selection for you:sanex-desodorante-natur-protect-roll-on_l1

  • Sanex Natur Protect: This is probably best deodorant aluminum free there is in the market. My favorite one.  I have not found this brand here in America, however, in Spain you can find it in any drugstore.  It always works.  Would re-purchase if I could. 100% Satisfaction.
  • Tom’s– Since living here in the USA I have been using this brand. I do not find it the best but its the best that I have found here. You can find it at Wholefoods or Amazon.IMG_9692
  • Toms Apricot Aluminum free: Does not last all day. Scent is OK but does not really work. I would not re-purchase. Results: 50% Satisfaction
  • Toms Talc Aluminum Free: Works nicely. Love the scent. Don’t know what the difference between these two is but this one lasts all day. I would definitely re-purchase this one.IMG_9691
  • Tisserand Rose Blend: I had never seen this brand before but the the smell is very nice, thats why I purchased it in the first place but it surely does not work at all. Would not re-purchase. 0%Satisfaction. IMG_9693Have you tried any other brand that works better? Let us know by leaving your comments below. Thanks for reading!!


7 thoughts on “In Search Of The Aluminum Free Deodorant That Works

  1. I’ve tried the crystal and toms ones but wasn’t satisfied with their performance.

    Schmidts is my favorite, especially the lavender one. This keeps me dry and stink free even when working out.

    If you are sensitive to baking sofa, Lone deodorant is a good one too! This one is a little creamer and feels more nourishing. This is my go to after I get my underarm hair sugar waxed.

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