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Miracle Almost Instant Lip Plumper

To all of us, cinnamon is well known, a spice used widely not only for delicious cooking recipes but for its immense health uses as well. Among all its uses, my most loved one, is its plumper lip effect.

To name a few of its properties, cinnamon helps to: fight free radicals ( fights against aging ), helps blood circulation ( increasing oxygen flow ), and fights against parasites ( blister barrier .

This is how I use cinnamon to have fuller, healthier, and juicier looking lips. All that  you will need is a good quality organic cinnamon essential oil and then do as follows.

Follow these steps:

1)First, clean the area well and if possible gently scrub ( in case you are missing a lip scrub, DYI, get an old tooth brush, this is a great tool)

2)With an aid of a cotton, apply some drops of oil in it and gently smooth over the lips.  But, WATCH OUT! Cinnamon oil can be very irritating when applied too much. Keep out of the eyes, inside the mouth, and/ or of any blisters.   Store in a dark dry place.

After you’ve done this, I personally like to apply Hyaluronic serum as it helps to retain water and gives my lips an even fuller complexion. As a fact, well known, expensive lip gloss brands have some lip range products, where either cinnamon or chillie has been added to their formula for this same purpose.

These are the products I like for this routine

Cinnamon oil

Hyaluronic acid

Stay well and stay GoGloow 🙂


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