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DIY- Easy home made body scrub

I am so excited to do today my body scrub with a big chunk of salt from the dead sea my beloved friend, Lorena, brought me. I spent some time hammering it making it feel and look like fine salt. After 15 minutes, my arm was tired but it was definitely worth it.  Dead sea salt is so powerful in minerals that every grain of it is like gold to your skin and body.

Take a look at all its properties:

-Magnesium, good for combating stress and liquid retention.

-Sodium, good for the lympathic fluid balance.

-Calcium, that will help to increase blood circulation.

-Bromides, which will help relax your muscles

-Potassium, known for its properties in energy

The process to the DIY scrub was as follows:

1- I hammered the big chunk of salt from the Dead Seaimg_4897










2-Hammered it a bit more until it was fine enough to mix with the refined organic coconut oilimg_4898

3- I found a clean and empty glass container and I mixed organic coconut oil with the salt from the Dead Sea. I added some rosemary oil (which is great for circulation) and some rosemary itself.

4- This was the result. A thick mix of an incredible scrub. Can’t wait to use it while having a warm shower.


Feel free to do it yourself at home. You might not have dead sea salt, but you can always substitute with regular salt or purchase the Dead Sea salt at amazon. Might not be as a original as the big chunk I had but it will still work wonders.

Thanks for reading!!!





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