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Activated Charcoal for Pearl White Teeth

I have nothing against modern dentistry whitening peroxide treatments, however, some of us may have very sensitive teeth and this may cause damage in our enamel. This is my case and that is why I have started using activated charcoal.

This product is very powerful. It detoxifies and helps remove toxins and stains from your teeth and I promise you, you will see results. This is what I do: I brush my teeth on a daily basis using the content of ONE capsule. I pour the powder into a small cup or lid, adding some water to create a paste, and then I start brushing my teeth.  I personally like leaving the charcoal in my mouth for at least 10 minutes. Doesn’t sound too glamorous but it does show results.

What I love about it: Activated charcoal is that it is 100% VEGAN. It contains charcoal, which is found in the shell of the coconut and in the bamboo. They sell it in various forms: You can find it in capsules, tablets or sometimes in large chunky pieces.


Charcoal has been used for ages in ayurvedic or chinese medicine. Nowadays, hospitals use charcoal (orally) to combat drug, alcohol or any type of poisoning overdose. Activated Charcoal can be taken orally on a regular basis to help cleaning out toxins in our system, sometimes given from processed foods and the water we drink. It will help us be more alert and have less of a “foggy brain”.

Another use of activated charcoal that I like is to add a small piece of chunky charcoal into my bottle of water to naturally remove undesirable substances. Remember, charcoal, is widely used in modern water filters, so this is another way to do it :-).

As an important note: activated charcoal is NOT the same as barbecue charcoal, this is filled with chemicals! So make sure you buy the right one!!!LOL!!! And most importantly, when buying activated charcoal, make sure it is pure, with no other additives.

Thanks for reading and GoGloow girls!



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