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My TAM Journey

Many of you have asked me to share my personal training secrets, diet, and TAM strategy… so I have decided to post and share my journey, as a way to help and inspire those of you that have asked for my advice.method-mat

I started doing Tracy Anderson Method with her Method Mat DVD in 2009, which at that time, it was the only DVD available. I found her by accident, while reading an article about Gwyneth Paltrow, which I completely love and admire too. I have always been into fitness. I have exercised a lot since I was 16 years old and have had personal trainers on several occasions. I’ve done pilates, spinning, aerobic, weights, etc. The point I want to stress, is that when I started off with this Method Mat I already knew how my body worked and I was aware of the basics; exercise positions, core balance, and so on. As I have explained in my other posts, Tracy is nothing like what you may have done before.  So if you do decide to start off with the method, you can probably start off with metamorphosis, as this dvd is old now.  Still, I must admit this is probably one of my favorite Tracy DVDs. This got my arms looking so defined :-). I would have never imagined I could have ever had such toned arms but I will go into more detail on next posts.img_6203
That is me, in the first picture above, 7 years ago doing Method Mat at a hotel, traveling around Europe, with Tracy :-). In the second picture, that is me now!!

I later purchased her Precision Toning DVD, which was much more explanatory. Hence, it is a good and detailed introduction to her method. I loved it and I recall being so sore the next day. After 2-3 months, I then started with the Metamorphosis DVD. I purchased Omnicentric at first, even though I probably should have started Glutecentric, but I had very undefined arms and abs and I really wanted to work on that first. So I started with Omni, did that for 4 months, and then I got pregnant with my first daughter, so I bought and completed the Pregnancy Project, everyday up until the day I gave birth. After giving birth, I started off with the Post Pregnancy Workout, as soon as my doctor gave me the OK. After two months, when I was feeling strong enough, I moved back to the Method Mat and continued with Metamorphosis. I purchased Hipcentric and alternated between Omni and Hipcentric, depending on the week and my mood, not sure this is Tracy approved, but that’s how I did it.

My secret behind all of this is simply my commitment and my consistency. I have done TAM for around 7 years and a half , non-stop, 6 days a week, even when pregnant. I have not done any other workouts…only Tracy. Definitely, true love, like my daughter likes to say 🙂

I do recommend you start off with the introductory DVD’s that Tracy has,like Method for Beginners, until you familiarize with her moves and techniques. After that, I would move on to Precision Toning or Meta and then sign up for streaming (which is “wow” but you really need to know what you are doing here). Even though, streaming does have exercise breakouts, which are VERY useful, you may find yourself kind of lost if you do not know her method.

I have no diets. I eat about everything. I love carbs. I have no restrictions. However, I do like to eat healthy. I always add vegetables to my diet with some protein. Keeping a healthy balanced diet and not depriving myself from anything, is a much healthier way to engage with my food. My trick is: do not think about dieting and rather get yourself moving and doing Tracy at least 5 to 6 times a week. If you commit you will see changes.

Hope this has helped answer most or all questions. I am not pretending to be any guru of any kind..I am just a TAM follower, lover, and admirer…so I move when she moves…and with streaming in my life, that means every single day!! 🙂

Love, Carolina

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27 thoughts on “My TAM Journey

  1. Really enjoyed reading this post!
    Just starting Meta, day 22, but who’s counting?? Starting to connect with it.
    I am wondering if you were consistent with 30 minutes of cardio daily? I seem to be able to get it in 4times a week, but 6 is challenging!
    I’m working on it, any tips would be helpful!!


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    • Hi Annemarie, good job with your 4 days. Keep it up!!! I don’t really do much of the cardio. If you don’t have much time try focusing on the mat workout. Keep up with the good work!!!Thanks so much for reading.


    • Hi Annemarie. In mi humble opinion you are doing just fine. Try to find that connection with yourself and your body. You will eventually get it. The more you do it the more connected you will feel. If you can only do it 4 times a week, then 4 it shall be. It is better than nothing So keep up with your commitment. The rest will come with time as soon as you start seeing changes.
      xo, Carolina


  2. How does streaming work? You pay monthly? And have access to daily workouts? Are they different every day or every week? Are you able to go back and pick different workouts? Are there set programs to follow or it’s just whatever she posts for that day.


  3. You look fabulous! I wish I had found Tracy before my pregnancy… but anyway I’m happy to be very consistent now for almost 1 year.
    Love your posts tamily



  4. Thanks so much for going through your journey!! I’ve been waiting for someone to spell out how the method works for them. You look incredible!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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  5. Thanks for sharing your experience, Carolina! I was wondering about your post-pregnancy “strategy”… You look amazing and I can see your second daughter was born not long ago! I am 1 year post natal now – haven’t gained much weight during pregnancy so got back into shape quite quickly. However, I still have a pouch which annoys me – my obliques are super strong but the middle just pops out. I’ve been doing TAM for 7 years now, also did her Pregnancy Project DVD but after pregnancy I was over-cautious with restarting my workouts. I did yoga and some very gentle moves. I was afraid of doing too many crunches as it’s said to be harmful. Did you do her first post-pregnancy DVD (with classical music) or the second one? Did you avoid crunches? What is your secret weapon for getting back your flat stomach? 😉 Thanks!

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    • Hi Beatriz. First of all, congrats for you baby. The tummy skin is always the most difficult area…so that pouch that concerns you is completely normal. I did her first post pregnancy with both of my “post pregnancy’s”. As soon as my doctor released me, I did everything that she does in her dvd. But you have to check with your doctor first. My doctor said it was totally OK for me and my body. But everyone is different. My secret is that I have always done her method, every single day. Also, for me, using Nerium firm cream has helped in getting my tummy back. Sending you the link so that you can have a look. It works very very good, you have my word for it.


      • Hi Carolina, thank you so much for your response! It’s reassuring to hear that the tummy issue is normal… and that it will eventually go away (if we put the effort!). My doctor also said it was OK for me to workout, but I still wanted to avoid crunches. I will do more of her first post-pregnancy DVD now, I think especially the pikes section should be helpful. I currently do TAM 4x a week but will try to do more abs as a quick workout in between. Last but not least, I will definitely try this Nerium cream – thank you so much for the advice!
        All the best & keep inspiring us, please!

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  6. So nice to learn about the way you started with TA. I just HAPPEN to see Tracy with Joan Rivers on Fashion Police and have not looked back. I am so glad I saw this simple segment.


  7. It was so great to read this! I was doing Tracy years ago when the Mat dvd was out! And all I did was that dvd 6 days a weekk for almost a year and lost so much weight and it change my body so much. Then I had big changes in my life and I kind of stopped for too long! I just got the precision toning one and I will be alternating between that one and the mat one I just love when she works with the chairs 🙂


    • Oh yes, I totally get it. I know a lot of people that prefer it when she uses chairs. It is less harsh on the wrists. Way to go! Welcome back and stay focused on it!! 👏🏻👏🏻


  8. Thank you so much for such great advice. My friend got me started in November with TAM and I’ve conpleted Omni Meta and have moved in Continuity. I’m on day 104 and feel like I’m connecting more each time I do it. I’ve also never been able to get such results from a workout and I’ve done a lot of different workouts and have exercised for most of my adult life. Do you recommend finishing Continuity before moving on to Streaming?


  9. How long did it take for you to see results with your arms etc with the mat method? My concern is it takes a long time to see a result with tam vs weights and running. You look awesome btw


  10. I love this post Carolina! Thank you for it ❤
    When did you make the transition from pregnancy between hip and Omni metamorphosis to streaming? How far into meta or continuity did you go? What made you make the switch and how did you know if you were ready?
    Last question, from which program (omni/continuity or streaming) did you see the most progress and results?
    I can't wait to hear what you think! 🙂 😀


    • Hi, just saw this. Sorry for my delay. Thank you for your love. To be honest I did all the omni meta and then some continuity. After that I wen back and forth. I did not follow strictly the order. Not the best example, ha ha. The only thing I can say is that I have always stayed consistent. Through out the years. Non stop!!!


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