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The Importance of Dry Brushing Daily

Helping your skin detoxify on a daily basis is crucial. If you do not have a brush yet you will probably want to purchase one after reading this post.

Some of us have scrubs and gloves in the shower that we use to exfoliate our skin, however, this is a different concept. This brush will help eliminate dead skin cells, it will improve your digestion, blood circulation and it will reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is not magic but it will certainly help. So, make sure you incorporate it into your routine.

You may want to dry brush applying some oil into your brush or simply using it by itself preferably, with your skin dry, before going into the shower. I have read that most of the experts recommend dry brushing during the mornings because of its energy boosting  qualities.

I use the brush by itself before going into the shower. I start at my feet moving upwards in circular motion and I use it all over my body. If you do decide to use it with oil, do it after the shower so that your skin can absorb the moisturizing properties. Make sure not to use a very stiff brush or to press too hard, you might irritate your skin. I purchased mine at Amazon and you can purchase yours by clicking here.
Dry brush

Do this every day for 2 to 3 minutes and observe how your skin will become softer and healthier.

Hope you enjoy it.

XO, GoGloow


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