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Healthy Homemade Kale Chips

When I am in a rush and I want to make sure that my daughter is getting enough nutrients from veggies, I make kale chips. They are so easy and tasty that my daughter will eat a whole bowl of them. And guess what? Kale is a super food, so it’s packed with nutrients and powerful antioxidants. It has vitamins K, A, and C, as well as iron and calcium. It is also great for cardiovascular support. This is the type of food you want your whole family to like and have, so lets make it attractive for the kids with this simple recipe:

-Preheat Oven to 370F.

-Wash well your organic kale with water  (unless you buy it already washed) and let drain and dry.

-With a knife, remove leaves from the thick stem.

-Drizzle with olive oil and use your hands to massage the kale in order to allow the oil to get into all those kale curly edges.

-Place in the oven and let cook for about 10 minutes. You want to keep an eye on the cooking time because kale can get burned very easily.

-Once the edges start to get a light brown color and leaves look crunchy your kale chips are ready to eat. Add some salt to make them even tastier and enjoy.



Hope you enjoy them.

xo, Carolina (@gogloow)

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