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DIY: Magical Gentle Face Scrub

Try making your own facial skin scrub with these 3 ingredients.

I love preparing this facial scrub with these three simple ingredients. It can also be done with two if you don’t have the third one, it is gentle, vegan, and trust me, it is THE most incredible and easy DIY face scrub.

The scrub consists of the following two or three:

If you take an aspirin and pour a few drops of water over them, it will make the aspirin dissolve into small granules, which will be the base of this gentle face scrub. Optionally, I like adding activated charcoal to help eliminate toxins and cleanse your skin even deeper. (In this case, I had to make my charcoal turn into powder because I only had it in sticks. Use a small hammer if this is your case too). Pour all ingredients into a small jar. Mix well and you will have your scrub ready to use.  Use after a warm shower when your pores are opened for best results. To purchase activated charcoal, you can find one like mine in this linkDIY facial scrub

What you can expect by using it 4 times a week:

This homemade scrub is meant to be good for collagen production and it is a great deep pore cleanser. If used 4 times a week, pores should look smaller and skin should glow.

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