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Hawaiian Loofah Glycerin Soap

Natural Organic Loofah Glycerin Soap- I love.

One good friend of mine brought this local soap for me from Hawaii and I felt the need to post about it. It is an organic, handmade soap, containing 100% vegetable glycerin soap as well as macadamia nut oil. Yumm! The natural loofah sponge will gently brush away dead skin cells. Ideal for your daily exfoliation. (Those of you following this blog, know that we are fans of dry brushing. If you are too, you can dry brush and use this on alternative days).

What I love about it:

-No heavy perfumes- but yes a delicious scent

-No parabens or phthalates

-Sulfate free

-Contains a vine-grown loofah sponge

-The macadamia nut oil will soothe and moisturize your skin


If you do not have the chance to go to Hawaii…:-) you have the option to buy it here, through amazon.

Hope you enjoy it too.

xo, Carolina.


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