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Streaming with TAM

This is a post requested by a lot of you who have asked me personally what streaming with TAM is. I will explain how it works, where you can sign up and what you can expect.

It all started with my visit to the Hamptons in the year 2015. Up to that year I had been doing all of TAM’s dvd’s (as you have read in my TAM journey post). My family and I had organized a trip with friends to the Hamptons and I had planned, weeks before, to attend a Tracy Anderson class at her studio. I called my friend and asked her if she wanted to join the class with me. She had never done TAM in her life but she is a fit and brave mama so she decided to come with me. We did not know what to expect at all.

Looking back now, I remember finishing my Attain Definition class and thinking…how awesome was that? Heat, loud music and such a vibrant energy that I am unable to put into words. I was 5 months pregnant at that time so I was not at 100% but still, the feeling was breathtaking. Long story short: My hubby knew I was totally thrilled with the studio experience and I had told him about streaming. One day, he surprised me, after my baby’s delivery, with a 6 month subscription to streaming with TAM!! (which has turned into a year, of course and will continue forever, ha ha.)

This is how streaming works: You can sign up and purchase your own streaming via this link. You have the option to pay monthly, every six months or every year. Tracy posts every Wednesday, which means that for 7 days you will be doing the same workout. This is on purpose, as Tracy wants you to work your muscles in the same way for 7 days. It is a way to work through the moves and get better at it. It is also good for the muscles as they need some time to adapt to the workout.

Streaming has different  options: 

Master Class with Tracy (lasts 1 hour approx) and is mainl for people who are advanced in her method.

Intermediate Class with Tracy. Lasts about 1 hour too and is usually easier and slower.

Beginners Class (ranges from 30 min to 45min approx)- Does not necessarily mean that it is a beginners class. It can sometimes be challenging too.

TAVA dance

Dance Cardio (lasts 30 min)

Multitask 30 minutes of attain and 30 minutes of cardio


Some people combine mat workout and cardio.  Others do mostly dance. And some others, including me, focus more on the mat workout. (I do cardio when I have time, which does not occur often in my being-a-mom world). There is no wrong or right, in my opinion, but as Tracy says, the important thing is that you move at least 6 days a week. Find the combination that works for you, show up for yourself and do it.

The mat workout, is broken down by TAM trainers, which is great if you feel lost or simply want to understand a move. The arm section is not broken down and she moves fast,  really fast,  so if you are not familiar with her…you might want to start with her introductory dvd’s or with metamorphosis. (Check my other posts about her and you will find the links to the dvd’s)

In conclusion, I totally recommend streaming with TAM. The energy is there, the music is good and plus you get to move with her every single day with her latest moves. I have to warn you…it is totally addictive and unstoppable BUT it feels so good.

Hope you liked this post. If you liked it, please share.

Let me know your thoughts. I love hearing from you.





15 thoughts on “Streaming with TAM

  1. Great post. Thank you so much for that. Have been debating diving in and giving streaming a try but slightly frustrated that the TAM website doesn’t give the level of detail you just outlined. Have completed first set of meta dvds and was going to progress to meta continuity but think the streaming maybe better. Thanks again. That was just the info I was looking for! 👍

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  3. Hi Carolina, thanks for the post. How do you alternate the beginner class vs. MC? Do you build it up during the week (like you start the week with BC and eventually “move on” to MC) or decide depending on how much time you have? Or you do BC when you’re tired? 😉 Gracias! Beatriz


  4. My question is around heat and humidity… I’m thinking of starting the streaming (I’ve never done a dvd before…should I start here?), but I keep seeing lots of info over the heat/humidity requirements, etc. also ankle weights you recommend?

    Thank you!! Love following your IG and was pleasantly surprised to see your page pop up as I googled how to start streaming TAM!


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