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Yes or No to Pillow Spray?I Say Yes

I was not the spray pillow type of person until I was. I ran into this type of product some years ago…and they have helped me have so nice rests that now I am totally addicted to it.

If you are looking to drift off in a heavenly nicely scented pillow this post might interest you. I used to be the type of person, able to sleep anywhere and for a long period of time. This is not my reality anymore. As I have been getting older, sleep sometimes comes later than I would wish for it to come. (As we age, melatonin production gets slower, sadly). Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night (mamma’s duty) and getting back to my sleep is a difficult task. This is why I have turned into this “spraying pillow routine”. I use a pillow spray every time I go to bed. I spray my pillow 5 minutes before, let it dry and I am ready to be sound asleep in a few minutes. I have found and used these two so I thought you might want to hear about my experience:

  1. Premium aromatherapy mist: Lavender and Chamomile essential oils are put together to leave you in a state of peace and tranquility. They have a total of 6 different mists with different essential oils and  aromatherapy. I have chosen this one specifically because it contains lavender which is widely known to help with nervousness, anxiety, stress and sleeplessness. And SO it does. This is a small woman owned boutique with an excellent customer service. I love that they are transparent with their labeling and that they use all natural 100% essential oils. It helps with my sleep ritual so I spray it every night on my pillow and I have the best sweet dream sleep. Why not support them? Purchase yours  and dive into your best sleep.
  2. Bath&Body works aromatherapy: I purchased mine via Amazon because I do not have a Bath&Body works boutique next to where I live. Service is simply perfect and shipping was fast. The smell is astounding, fresh and light with a touch of lavender and vanilla (my favorite). However, Bath&Body works does not do such a great job in labeling. They say they use pure essential oils but there is no further description. Even though I do love the smell the fact that they are not completely transparent makes me not want to purchase it twice. However, if this does not concern you so much, go ahead and purchase yours because it smells fantastic. img_7957

While essential oils are widely used nowadays for everything, we must we aware of the fact that we need to look for 100% essential oils with no added perfume or fragrance and absolutely no alcohol.

Purchase whichever works for you and take my word for it, you will sleep in heaven.

xo, Sleep tight.







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