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The Importance Of Humidity During Workout

According to Tracy Anderson, when your body is put in heat, out thermoregulating system is challenged which will require other systems of your body to work.

“At the same time, you sweat and the muscles become warm, which means you have enhanced an ability to sculpt them, in a gentler way” (Tracy Anderson on Goop Clean Beauty).  This is why, she recommends adding heat and humidity to the room in which you workout.

With time and after researching I have learnt that the best affordable tool to find this humidity is Conair compact upright fabric steamer. There are so many fabric steamers in the market that it can be very challenging to choose the one that works. You might find yourself asking: how much money should I spend? Is it worth purchasing one? Will I notice it during my workout? Well, the answer is YES. It will be a game changer. Your muscles will be able to work and move better and you will be less likely to injure yourself (during a challenging move). This post is in hope to help any of you that might be lost or hesitating about it. I usually work out in a 20 square meter room (215 sq feet) and this steamer works perfectly. My rule is: If you can’t see through the window…then the steamer is working, ha ha. ..

If you workout in a bigger room then you might want to get a more powerful steamer. I have heard this one is marvelous too, though more expensive. Check it hereimg_8030

For an additional use: You will get wonderful results when using it on your fabrics, while saving money on professional dry cleaners.

As for heaters, I use a a Lasko Oscillating Tower Lasko Oscillating Tower but I know Tracy Anderson recommends infrared heaters like this one here.

Hope it helped!



12 thoughts on “The Importance Of Humidity During Workout

  1. Hi!
    I just bought the steamer and was wondering, do you keep the hose attached or just let the steam come out the big whole?

    I think I did something incorrectly BC mine was leaking a lot (and I just bought it yesterday)!!

    Love your posts on TAM, keep them coming!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, so should I get the fabric steamer or the one you recommended via Instagram? Also, where do you workout? I’m trying to think which room could take the steam/heat but I’m worried it would damage the walls, etc? Or am I exaggerating? Lol, thanks!!


  3. Thank you for your recommendation. I live in The desert and my old humidifier used to go up to 30%. Now, wow the windows are steamed. Question how do you clean it? I read about vinegar mixture. Thanks again.


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