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Looking For A Shampoo?

If you haven’t tried davines hair products you MUST. This Italian line claims to care for your hair in a natural but efficient way. It will leave your hair feeling smooth, silky and bright.

I am using MINU now. It is an illuminative protective shampoo for colored hair, protecting the shine of the hair. I love how it makes my hair bright, giving it a very healthy looking glow. This bottle is 125ml and costs $25, but a little goes a long way. You do not have to use too much product. Only using a small amount will give you a rich lather. I tend to have frizzy hair, but MINU cleanses and nourishes my hair in such a way that it keeps my frizziness  down. The scent is wonderful, with a touch of fresh clean mint that lasts for days.

Last but not least, it is sulfate and paraben free, which is so important for me. You should avoid these two guys when using products. Parabens are a form of preservative, bad for our body and our health. It has been found in breast tissue. Sulfates are aggressive detergents found in many products you may not be aware of. They have been found to be very bad for our health too. img_8353

The only BUT in Davines, for me, is that I have recently discovered that it contains something labeled as -fragrance-, which I have learned, by reading Goop Clean Beauty, that it is usually a mix of chemicals. 😦 Nevertheless, I love all their line and they keep my hair looking really good. Click here to read more about the product.



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