Skin Care

Wild Rose Beauty Balm

I am lucky to have one of these balms in my hands. A friend sent me a bottle the other day for me to sample, and I just love it. Neal’s Yard Remedies is an English company, founded in 1981, organically certified, that only uses the best selected ingredients for you and your skin, grown in their own gardens in Dorset, UK.

This wild rose beauty balm is a very special one. Composed with organic ingredients such as, rosehip oil, wild rose oil, and shea butter, it glides smoothly onto your skin, creating a fresh, nourishing sensation, with a unique and fabulous flowery scent. It has 12 different uses which I will explain below: img_8739

1. Cleanser – A great way to remove the days dirt and grime without stripping your skin of necessary moisture. Apply a small amount to the face with your fingertips, and remove using a muslin cloth soaked in water.

2. Face Mask– Apply as you would to cleanse, but take some extra time, ideally 5 minutes, to massage into the skin with small circular motions. Remove with a warm muslin cloth.

3. Cuticle Balm– Apply on cuticles and nails for smoothness and hydration.

4. Scar Healer– Reship oil is the main ingredient in this balm. It is known for its incredible healing properties. Apply on scar daily twice a day.

5. Makeup Remover– No need for water, just apply with your fingertips, and lightly remove with a muslin cloth.

6. Intensive Moisturizer– Apply a small amount (a little goes a long way) to the skin before sleep for an intensive overnight treatment. You can apply over your regular moisturizer or to specific areas that need extra moisture.

7. Hair Mask– For dry or damaged hair, apply a small amount through the lengths of your hair, with a focus on the ends- leave on overnight for best results.

8. Eyebrow tamer– After shaping the eyebrows, apply a small amount of balm to smooth and control

9. Make up primer or complexion highlighter– Put on cheekbones before putting on foundation.

10. Heel softener– Massage on to feet and wear cotton socks overnight
11. Poison Ivy– Apply as soon as possible to help prevent blistering.

12. Lip balm– Apply as needed on lips.

As you can see, it is a must have! You can purchase yours though this link. Don’t forget to go to their web page tomorrow, as they are starting a sale!!!

Hope you like it.

xo, Carolina

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