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A Day In My Diet.


Many many people have been asking me what my diet looks like so I have decided to post about a regular day in my diet. Sharing is caring, so I do hope this serves as a reference. As many of you might already know, I am from Spain, therefore my diet is very Mediterranean. For those of you unfamiliar with what the Mediterranean diet looks like I can tell you it contains many plant based foods (such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes), fish, poultry, and olive oil.

I love food, so I basically eat a little bit of everything. I firmly believe that to stay healthy and fit the trick lies in the amount of food you eat and how you combine it. For example: I do not deprive myself of pasta. Carbs are good for you. You need carbs. I know a lot of people that do not eat carbs because they think it will make them fat. The thing is…how do you combine your carbs? Do you put heavy creams on top? Industrial sauces? Bacon? The carbs are not making you fat, it’s whatever you are putting on top. When I cook pasta, I usually cook only that and I serve it with some olive oil, garlic and parmesan on top.
If you need to lose weight, please go see a certified nutritionist, learn how to eat a balanced diet and lose weight the correct way. Do not try unsupervised diets. They are not good or healthy for you.

I love breakfasts…I do not know how to function without them, so when I wake up this is what I have:


-Cup of coffee, milk, no sugar.

– 6 Sliced of baguette bread, toasted. I spread it with plain cream cheese and organic roasted turkey.

– Sometimes I have 1 plain milk cookie, as well. (I need something sweet)



-Soup (vegetable, noodles or whatever I have cooked)

-Lean protein (fish or chicken) with veggies of any kind (Avocado, Spinach, Kale, Peppers, Arugula, etc.) Sometimes I add rice or mashed potatoes.


-Pasta with homemade pesto or olive oil and garlic


-Legumes (Lentil Soup with vegetables and chorizo)

and for DESSERT



-A slice of cheese with a slice of cracker or bread. ( I am addicted to cheeses). OR a couple nuts.


-Maybe a glass of wine…depending on the day.

-Tomato salad with mozzarella, avocado, and basil


-Omelette with cheese


-Homemade pizza, YES, I do eat pizza.

DESSERT: Yogurt or Ice Cream (sometimes).

This is what a normal day in my diet looks like. I like everything but in moderation. What works for me, as I have said many other times, is to move every single day with my trainer and mentor Tracy Anderson. She is the one making my body look the way it looks. Eat smart and balanced and do not get obsessed about calories. Avoid processed foods, buy organic and cook at home. I understand this can get tricky nowadays but we must learn how to find the balance.

Let me know if you have questions. Take care of yourself. You are what you eat. 🙂

Live mindfully.




8 thoughts on “A Day In My Diet.

  1. Thank you for sharing this info. You are so inspiring. I am attending a TA crash scours in April. I am soooo excited. To get the food part is a bonus.


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