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If You Want To Love A Facial, Love This One.

Have you ever had this moment where you are taking a look at yourself in the mirror and thinking, oh boy, I really  need to go somewhere to get a facial done? Well, with Active Argan you don’t have to go anywhere. Your best facial is really in 4 tubes.

Active Argan’s five minute facial is unique and amazing. I had heard very good things on this product before so I had to purchase it to review it and share with all of you my own thoughts. You all know how much I love doing this!!;-)

For me, what makes this facial so unique it’s the way it’s formulated. I love the way it has to be applied with its 4 layers. One is applied on top of the other without removing any of them as a way to allow all  layers to work in combination for more powerful results. This is how it works:


Layer One: Preparation Sea Foam Essence Deep Purification -With Dead Sea salts (which is the best natural ingredient a product can have) and Glycol acid to help clean pores and remove dead skin cells. Once this has been absorbed your skin will be ready for layer two.

Layer Two: Infusion Red Algae Serum Mineral Nourishment – Vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid will help smooth and nurture your skin in this step. Once fully absorbed you will be ready for  layer three.

Layer Three: Moisture Aqua Marine Concentrate Intense Hydration– Butters and Collagen will work to deeply hydrate in this layer. When absorbed, you can apply the 4th and last layer.

Layer Four: Sealant Phyto Marine Mud Firming Moisture Barrier– This is the last step, sealing all the previous benefits of other layers with the rich and unique benefits of the Dead Sea Mud.

If you want a quick, amazing, at-home facial. Purchase and love this one. You will not regret it. It is easy, quick and fun. Your skin will look and feel rejuvenated, replenished, and rehydrated and all in the most natural way, with the best ingredients and with NO NASTIES ( parabens, petroleum/petrolatum, mineral oil, ethanol, phthalates and artificial colors). Gorgeous Morgen Schick, previous Model, has been the one to create and supervise the formulation of these products. And believe me when I say, she knows her business. She is all into empowering all of us by making us look beautiful and glowing. She believes we are too obsessed with processing our skin and she claims to be obsessed with the OPPOSITE, which is calming and nourishing our beautiful skin.

I purchased mine at Evine. Their shipping is fast and you will be sure to be getting the real product.

Keep glowing.



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