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Bye Bye Makeup

Bye Bye MAKEUP is THE BEST makeup remover I have EVER used. Seriously. They claim to be a makeup remover, an anti aging serum and a fast-acting cleanser, ALL IN ONE and all I can say is that their claims are TRUE. I got to hear about it on TV through QVC. (QVC is a TV channel specialized on home shopping). My hubby says I watch too much of this and that I am easily convinced…but I think I only end up purchasing the products that feel worth buying. 🙂

Their formula, completely sulfate free and developed by plastic surgeons, will infuse your skin with deep-cleansing extracts and botanicals to fully remove all makeup and dirt without drying or irritating your skin.

For me, it not only infuses your skin with deep-cleansing extracts, it literally feels like it melts whatever you have on you skin, leaving your skin amazingly clean, hydrated and glowing. I LOVE it.

You only need to apply it onto dry skin, enjoy the melting sensation and remove with a warm clean cloth. If you need a boost of moisture, let it sit for 60 seconds on skin.


I promise you, YOU will LOVE this as MUCH as I do. Go to QVC and purchase yours. I believe you can also find it in Sephora too.

Lets all GLOW by using the best products for our skin.:-)



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