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How I Started With The Tracy Anderson Method.

Do you want to start doing Tracy Anderson Method but you don’t know where to start? This is a question that I get a lot every day so I thought it might be a good idea to write a post about it. In this post I will try to help you getting started on your journey, as I did with mine. I will share with you my experience and my thoughts if you are new to her Method. There are many DVD’s out there and it can be somewhat confusing as to where to start.

If you have decided to start her method, good for you. If you are still hesitating, I’ll explain further so that you can decide for yourself. Nowadays, there are many awesome methods out there, all lots of fun, and this is one of them. This method can be tricky and challenging to follow. She moves fast and rotations are key. She rotates her arms in specific ways and at a very fast pace, reaching all those little, tiny muscles in the arms to make them look lean and defined.

If you have never worked out with her, I wouldn’t recommend to start out with streaming (This is only in my opinion). I think it can be frustrating for someone new to the Method. You might get all of the moves, but most people probably won’t.  And, if you don’t do the rotations like you are supposed to, you will not get the results she is after. So, this is what I would recommend:

If you are new to the method and you are NOT into fitness:

  1. Start with her Beginners DVD’s
  2. Do them until you feel comfortable and it does not feel challenging anymore.
  3. Once you feel okay, move on to a more advanced DVD, such as Precision Toning or method mat. Precision toning is a bit more paused because she explains what she is doing. In Method Mat, she will not guide during the workout. In my case, I started with this DVD, but it was OK for me because I had been into fitness for maaaany years, so I did not feel that lost. If you feel like you do not need that much guidance you can do both and alternate, too.
  4.  Once you feel like you are mastering these DVD’s, go ahead and do Metamorphosis. Even though it’s tough, you will be ready for it. You will have to choose your body type and that will personalize the workout that best fits you and your body type (glutcentric if you tend to gain wait in your bum and hips, omnicentric, if you tend to gain weight all over, etc).
  5. Once you finish Metamorphosis, you move on to Continuity OR Streaming. (Go to my post about streaming with TA for more information).

If you are new to the method but you know how to listen to your body and control your moves:

  1. Start with precision toning DVD
  2. Once you feel like you master it you can move on to Metamorphosis or Streaming.

This is really your choice. Both are great. Metamorphosis changes every 10 days and you will have access to new content, like in streaming. The only difference is that metamorphosis is cheaper ($90 for a whole 90 day workout versus $100 for one month of streaming) than streaming and music is not a lot of fun in meta, In streaming you will have access to her studios and her updated, new weekly content, which, for me, is AWESOME.


If you follow these steps, I think, you will be off to a good start. This method is really about connection, listening to your body and moving on when you feel is the right moment.



40 thoughts on “How I Started With The Tracy Anderson Method.

    • Sorry, I don’t worry that much about cardio. I used to do Method Mat cardio and Metamorphosis cardio (only 30 min). If you like to do cardio, combine it with mat workout. I would do 4 to 5 mat workout and 2 days cardio.


      • Hi,Thank you for your post. I feel overwhelmed by where to start and wandered if I was” missing out” by not starting with streaming. My back story is I used Omni Meta when it was first released, since then 2 children on and 60 pounds heavier I need to re start my fitness journey, but was unsure where to being. I am currently dealing with a shoulder injury and I think for me starting with begginers dvds etc is the way to go. I currently have a 2 week streaming trial I loved the setting and music but my shoulder couldn’t handle the twists and planks. Thank you once again for your thoughts. I love your page!

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      • Hi Marisa. Some of her moves can definitely be challenging and more when you have an injury. Take care of your injury first and start doing what you thing your body can handle right now. If you have done omni, and you think you mastered it, then I think beginners will be too easy for you. Do precision toning.


  1. You Rock !!!! Pregunté y me respondiste, te agradezco tu humildad Carolina, necesitamos más personas como tú ! Gracias por esta resolución de dudas. Karina de Mérida, México.

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  2. I appreciate your info regarding TA Method. It’s the only method/form of exercise that has ever helped me come close to achieving my fitness goals. I unfortunately had to take a break for awhile due to an injury and I am basically having to start over in terms of weight loss. I am now finally getting back into it a regular routine and I am curious about how some of the dvd’s compare to metamorphosis and streaming in terms of difficulty. I have the mat method, precision toning and design series dvd’s as I like to have a variety and change every 10 days and I do her mini-trampoline for cardio, but after doing precision toning all the others seem too easy. I do add leg weights when I can to make it more challenging. I would love to try streaming eventually, but unfortunately I cannot afford it at this time. I would like to know how metamorphosis and streaming compare to precision toning and perfect design series in terms of difficulty. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

    Kind Regards,

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    • As I say in the post, Streaming is new content. Meta is new content but it is not up to date. When you ask about differences, They are very different. You can’t compare Precision Toning with Streaming. Precision Toning is a DVD that has a couple of years now and the workout is different to what she does in Streaming. Stick to what you are doing and move on to Meta if you can’t afford Streaming. Hope that helps.


  3. thank you very much! I am a beginner and your post is really a treasure for me. I also realize I am doing well 🙂 I am doing beginners DVS, then mat workout and I have ordered metamorphosis. I feel stronger day by day Nice!! hugs and kisses :-))

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  4. Thank you for this! I have done the mat DVD’s, perfect toning and “beginner” DVD’s, then tried to move onto Metamorphosis. It was too much! I almost gave up! I had never heard of precision toning. It was exactly what I needed. So much more instruction and breaking down of the movements. I really appreciate your blog + Insta account. Very helpful.


  5. Are streaming classes 1 hour in length and contain a bit of cardio? I assume the studio setting and music is a big part of what is great about streaming? I am working on Mat DVD which I love and the Metas as well. Some of side plank moves are challenging for me in the Metas so maybe I could do beginners streaming?


    • Hi! I would not recommend it. If plank moves are challenging she still does many of those on streaming. Just because it says beginners, does not mean it is for beginners in this case. Stick with Meta until you master it. That is only my opinion. Thanks for reading!!!!


  6. Thank you so much for this post! I have all/the most TA dvds. Dont know why I quit the peogram. Mayen I should start with Meta, if it is more challenging. I want to
    see resulalts soon.

    Did you do Meta “only” the 30 minutes? The DVDs are often 60 minutes long. Don’t you think that the dvds are more efficient? Or did you do Meta for 60 minutes?

    Thanks for answering!

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  7. Hi Carolina. Hope you’re well. I previously connected with you on instagram. I’m in week 5 of my own re start/ kick start whatever. Not yet streaming but revisiting the mat dvd, the workouts on and In my collection I have found that I own the perfect design dvds – I don’t remember ever doing them (like you also for about 6 years). What are your thoughts please? My next to do: get Meta!
    Thanks, for inspiring

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  8. Thank you so much for this post, Carolina! You are the reason I started the Tracy Anderson Method— this blog so helpful. I bought Mat Method years ago and was really overwhelmed. The beginners DVDs have been the perfect for me, I just graduated and went back to Mat Method and it is so much more do-able. I also bought Precision toning after reading your blog and tried it once but realized I needed to build up to it as you emphasize in this blog! I LOVE what Tracy has done for my body in a short time. I feel toned up and connected with my body and I look forward to exercise as self care. I used to do a ton of yoga and walking and would say I was “skinny fat” thin- but not a lot muscle and tone. Just from regularly doing the Method (I shoot for 6 days a week but it can be 3 sometimes too) I cannot believe how toned I’m getting! I’m do cardio when I can (I like the 15 minutes sesh bites on Beginner Cardio). As I progress I think I will do glutecentric because I have noticed that’s been the hardest area to engage and tone….Thanks for your blog and instagram, so inspiring ❤

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    • Hi Nora. I have to tell you you made my heart smile while I was reading your comment. Sharing my life and my thoughts to help others makes me happy but sometimes it can be challenging and tiering, so reading this motivates me to keep on going. I am happy to read your story and to see that I have motivated you. You have just motivated me:-) Keep on doing what you are doing. Not every week is a great week. Keep up with your commitment.

      Thank you!


  9. I didn’t congratulate you on your blog in my last post!! This really answers so many questions I had about starting streaming. THANK YOU!! I started this week!! (finally in good shape that I can actually do the whole class – I tried and failed at Streaming twice before! La tercera es la vencida!!) I LOVE the MS but reeeeeeally don’t enjoy the cardio parts. Do you think I’ll see results if I only do MS? I’m doing it 6 days a week, that’s my plan!! Will it show results or do you really suggest Cardio as well?


  10. Thank you so much for all your great advice. I am an avid exerciser and have done the prior Mat and Metamorphosis workouts. I purchased the TaVa DVD hoping to fine the two-week free streaaming offer but did not get one. Is there any way to try streaming before purchasing a 3-month subscription? I do not see any one-month subscription being offered.


  11. Hi Carolina!

    You’d have a good laugh if I told you the story on how I found you, first on instagram and obviously stalking enough to get to this post. But that no longer matters. I’m super glad I did.
    Following your advice I just received today my Method Mat DVD (YAY!), I’ll try this one for a couple weeks and then proceed to Metamorphosis. I just wanted to ask you, I’m I supposed to do the 3 mat workouts per day? or should I alternate them? I have a good fitness level. I saw each mat workout is about 20-25 min each and I’m afraid to feel it wasn’t enough if I just do one, but I also don’t want to go against the TAM rules.. 😉

    I’d love your feedback.


    • Hi Karla!!
      Yay, so glad you purchased method mat. It is one of her best dvd’s!! Great that you stalked my page enough to get to this post😭😌. The workout is one hour long. It is meant to be done entirely. If you feel like it is too much or whatever just get done what you can. find whatever works for you. There is no wrong or right. What I have always heard Tracy stress is that you should move your body at least 6 days a week to see changes!!

      Hope I have answered your question!!

      Keep me updated😊


      • Thank you!!! I will… one last question before I begin this journey hopefully next Monday (this weekend I’m off to buy ankle weights and 3 lb weights).

        How long do you recommend me doing this mat workout? How many weeks before I consider taking next step? I’ve always heard in other workouts to constantly vary the exercises… with the little info I have read about TAM I know she recommends sticking with the same movements for a while.. so, what would be a reasonable time to stick only with mat workouts?


  12. This is great. Thank you so much! Can you post a breakdown of what a week’s worth of workouts looks like (which DVD, series, length of time etc.)?

    I am very petite (barely 5′ and about 100 lbs.) I used to workout with heavy weights everyday and it was too demanding on my body. I am looking to follow something like this to have more of a dancers body but I worry it won’t work for me because of the intense workouts I used to do. What do you think?

    Thank you!!!


  13. Hi! I just came across your blog, I’ve been a follower of yours on instragram for several months and love your page! I’m really interested in the TA Method and I purchased the Mat Workout for Beginners. I just have a question about what a weekly schedule looks like for you or anyone doing TA. Do I do the hour and 15 minute workout 6x a week? Or do I throw in some cardio days? I assume it’s different for everyone, but if there is some sort of schedule to follow, that would be great! Thanks for all of your helpful blog posts. I really enjoyed reading through them!


  14. Even though I love my time on my treadmill; At 55 I am feeling older, slower, and fatter with each passing day and the TA program appears to be something that holds hope for maintaining my youth and agility a few years longer. Like the others, I too was confused by her website of where to begin (someone should help her update it to add this helpful information). Your post has been very helpful and you will be added to my “follow” list. Thank you.


  15. Hello Carolina,

    I follow your blog and instagram and I find you very inspirational. It would mean a lot to me if you could share your opinion for the following matter of me.

    I’ve finished metamorphosis this summer. Then I’ve move on to streaming. Masterclass was too challenging for me so I stick with IMC. But then I had an car accident and broke my arm leg so I was in no position to stream with tracy. Now my doctor says I can workout. I tried but I’m completely out of shape. I’m nothing like when I finished the metamorphosis. I thought about starting again but I have 1 year subscription for streaming and if I do that I’ll be wasting my money and I don’t want that. I’m too week and out of shape for IMC and I don’t like beginner class. I feel like it does nothing for the stomach. What would you recommend for me. I’d really appreciate your advice. Thanks!


    • I am so sorry to hear that. I think you give yourself time. Start little by little. If IMC is too much, take off the weights and see how your body feels. Baby steps and I think you will slowly get back in shape . Be patient. All the best.


  16. Hi Carolina! What DVD(s) would you recommend postpartum? Tracy has post-pregnancy #1 and #2. Would you advise one or the other – or both? Thank you!


  17. Hi Carolina,
    Thanks for all of the be great advice you’ve posted here! I’ve done metamorphosis twice over the last 6 years. I took time away from
    Tracy Anderson, so I took your advice and redid the beginners dvds. I’m ready for a new challenge. Should I redo metamorphosis or should I do beginner streaming? Thanks!


  18. This blog was just what I was looking for! I have been doing the Tracy Anderson Mat Method workout which is 60 minutes long. This is a great way to be introduced to Tracy’s style of workout and with repetition you do get used to her way!.

    The exercises are in sections between arms, abs, legs etc. After doing a full workout over a 3/4 days a week I have felt more toned and stronger within. I haven’t been doing it longer enough to see any weight loss but I think thats probably what the cardio workouts are for.

    Initially I was looking into the Abcenttric Metamorphosis as a next step but after reading some reviews I was a bit reluctant as it may be a bit too advanced for me. I had never heard of the Precision Toning workout, but these exercises are again done in sections for abs, legs and arms, so I think this one is probably more doable for me as my next step.

    I would love to know other peoples experiences of the Metamorphois range as this is something I will probably want to do later down the line!


      • Aww thank you GoGloow for mentioning the Precision Toning workout, if I had never come across your blog I wouldn’t have known about these exercises!


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