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Almond Oil For Your Skin

Hydrating and moisturizing our body skin is as important as any other skin care routine. I personally like to moisturize my skin after my daily brushing and morning shower. For the last past month I have been using Sweet Almond Oil with vitamin E from Aura Acacia. I bought mine at whole foods but you can also but it online using the links above.

I have chosen oil, instead of lotion, because I like how easy it goes onto my skin, after the shower,with my skin still a bit damp. (I personally do not apply it with my skin all wet because then much of the oil will get onto the towel when drying). With the almond oil, my skin feels softer and hydrated at all times. It also works great for very dry areas.


This brand specifically contains 100 percent pure botanical ingredients, it is cruelty-free, and claims to have no synthetic fragrances or colors. According to the magazine InStyle: “Oils penetrate at a deeper level than most lotions, so the moisture doesn’t escape as easily and your skin stays hydrated much longer. Since they’re absorbed easily, you don’t sweat off the product as you would with a moisturizer.”

Avoid body oils containing any kind of petroleum. You do not want that on your skin. 🙂

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin every day :-).






One thought on “Almond Oil For Your Skin

  1. Love this–yes! Also, organic Jojoba oil is wonderful as a body moisturizer. It’s chemical makeup is much like our adipose tissue so we absorb it easily. Check out my instagram page naomiamccann for more beauty tips (if you want:-). Thx for this!


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