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Delicious Spinach with White Sauce

This recipe does not have to be eliminated from your diet just because it had white sauce.  Use this recipe to make your dish delicious and with less calories. Ideal for all the family to enjoy.

You will need:

400 gr of chopped spinach





  1. Boil the spinach. Once cooked let drain fully. Spinach tends to retain a lot of water so if necessary use your hands to fully get rid of any extra water.
  2. Meanwhile, on a skillet, put one teaspoon of butter.
  3. Let the butter melt. Add one tablespoon of flower to the melted butter, adding skimmed milk SLOWLY .Stir until everything is combined. Texture does not have to be very liquid or dense. Add more milk if needed. Add salt and pepper.
  4. Once you have the white sauce, mix with spinach and place on an oven dish.IMG_3664-1IMG_3665-1

OPTIONAL: Top with grated cheese.

Place in oven, at 370F and let cook for 15min or until cheese looks slightly brown.

Enjoy this deliciousness.

Disfruta de las espinacas con bechamel de una manera ligera.


400gr de espinacas, harina, leche, y mantequilla. 

Hierve las espinacas y deja que escurran.

Mientras tanto en una sartén, derrite una cucharadita de mantequilla y sobre ella vierte una cucharada rasa de harina, revuelve y añade la leche desnatada a ojo. REVUELVE hasta que la salsa ligue. No debe ser ni muy densa ni muy liquida.

Mezcla con las espinacas y ponle queso por encima.

Mételo en el horno a 180 grados hasta que el queso se haya derretido. 🙂



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