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Weight Lifting In The TA Method

When I first started with Tracy Anderson’s method, there were no ankle weights. It hasn’t been that long since she has added them to her method. Many of you have asked me about the reason behind it and if you should be worried about getting bigger. I am not Tracy Anderson so I do not want to speak on her behalf. Therefore, I will share my own personal opinion about it.

Tracy is known for not lifting more than 3lb during her arm series.  This is all you will need to get lean and defined arms. ( Believe me when I tell you, it is a GAME changer.) In Method’s Mat DVD introduction, she says that you should never lift more than 3lb, or otherwise your muscles will be grow bigger, and that is not what she is after.

While the ankle weights are a relatively new addition to the method, it seems to be very effective, as to the results she wants to achieve. When you ask me if it will bulk your legs up, I would feel comfortable saying NO. Tracy’s method will sculpt you body to be stronger and leaner and not bigger and bulkier. She has researched and studied for many years for this. In a Goop interview , this is what she says about weights:

“The primary arm series that I designed for my workouts should be executed with three-pound weights for women. This is because the accurate execution of these movements creates a beautiful design and activates key muscles in the shoulder girdle and arms. During my years of testing, I found that three-pounds was ideal for these very specific movements.

When you just lift heavy weights with your limbs as a lever against your core there is a depletion, which causes micro-tears in your muscle fibers. Training muscles by lifting heavy weight creates a cycle of repairing, rebuilding, and ultimately, muscle growth. Yes, this creates strength—but in isolation, and in a compartmentalized way.” (Paraphrasing Tracy Anderson in a GOOP interview)



I have read on some articles that Tracy recommends you to only add ankle weights when you feel like you can do all of the repetitions on both legs. If you are not there, then I would say, work on your moves and add ankle weights later on. You will still see changes.

In streaming, she always starts her leg workout with 1.5lb and then adds 3lb ankle weights. You can purchase her ankle weights on her own web page : or you can purchase these 1.5lb on amazon and the 3lb here.

Hope this post is helpful.

Stay healthy and keep moving.


7 thoughts on “Weight Lifting In The TA Method

  1. I have been doing the method for a while and some of the leg series is really easy, even with three pound weights on each ankle. Do you know Tracy’a position about putting additional weight (more than 3) on each ankle?

    Also, I would just note that I had a big transformation when I started the method but it was nothing compared to when I added the weights! Definitely no bulking but really toned lean lines.

    Keep it up with the Instagram goglow! Love to get inspired bu your workout posts!

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  2. Hi GoGlow,

    I’m a Japanese house wife living in Hawaii .I started following you on IG and I to totally got influenced by your love to Tracey Anderson.
    I bought 2 of her DVD the mat method and precious toning by reading your blog.
    I first wanted to say some days I get lost and I just don’t want to do it anymore.But I see you kick ass on pictures on IG and here we go ,I turn on my DVD too. First I say just couple but by the time I try and complete most . I never was into finess and I was this tall skinny natural girl. But I notice as you age you started noticing you can’t be that girl anymore.But I hid with clothes or I did extreme diet and juicing . I just quit my job so I first time in million years have a time to myself besides my daughter so I started thinking fitness should be in my lifestyle.I bought the DVD and I started secretly doing the dvd. It was hard but I kind of started liking it.And I think because of your blog and your Instagram I started really thinking I should be commit to this. You slowly changed me with a lot of positive inspiration.
    I don’t have much friends out here because when I moved to Hawaii I had to work and I was a single mom . I got remarried and finally I was able to have my time so I really started thinking about my new life.
    I’m almost going to be fourty and I think I really like having Tracey Anderson in my life.

    I just had a simple question but my message got long sorry,

    So I totally understand about the whole weight and bellow 3lbs.
    But my question is the 2 dvd I have when I get used to it is it okay to where wights on my leg and do it?
    I just wanted to know what you think.

    Thanks for reading this!!
    Aloha and mahalo to you ❤️

    Maiko Leslie


    • Hello Maiko,
      First of all, thank you for your lovely message. It brings me so much joy to read about others journey’s and it makes me so happy to know I have inspired you to lead a healthy active life. Thank you for following me and trusting my journey.

      I would say it is okay for you to add the weight sit you feel like you are in control of the moves. If you are engaging your body and your core the way you are supposed to, then, go ahead and add weights.

      Let me know how it works out for you.

      All the best,


  3. i have amazon weights and they keep falling off 😦 do you find the tracy anderson weights better, or are they the same and maybe it’s just a matter of wear and tear?


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