Skin Care

A Good Product To Use During The Summer

Institute Esthederm, was founded by a French pharmacist and biologist who had been allergic to the sun as a child. He believed on a possible re-education of the skin, allowing a healthy relationship with the sun to obtain a healthy tanning and a good optimization of  the skin’s resistance to UV rays.

This is one of my favorite sun care creams for this time of the year. I have suffered from dark spots on my skin in the past, probably due to pregnancy and hormones. Nowadays, I tend to protect my face from the sun by wearing a good sunscreen and a hat. This is one of the reasons why I chose to use this cream. I apply it all over my face before leaving the house.

Photo Regul Strong Sun” is used to diminish the appearance of dark spots by reducing the contrast between hyperpigmented areas and tanned skin with no SPF. This is what makes this product so unique, working at a cellular level with a patented technology. I absolutely recommend it. You can purchase it through their web page. You won’t be disappointed.

#Thisisnotanad only my honest review. Hope you like it :-).

Much love to all,




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