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Tracy Anderson’s Healthy Tips

Tracy’s ultimate “Power Lunch” is designed to get you moving midday with some stretches and arm-toning moves you can do at your desk followed by a healthy meal power-packed with a variety of nutrients that will keep you full for hours thanks to her brand-new partnership with California Pizza Kitchen (CPK).

These tips aim to reset and refuel your body while preparing your focus for whatever the rest of the afternoon may hold.

Tracy recommends:

Standing Deskside Twisted Arm Lift:
Stand at your desk with your feet shoulder-width apart and lean into your right hip. The right hand should be placed over the left, both resting on the desk. From there, lift your hands overhead, twisting in towards your right side. Repeat 16x before starting a second set of 16 reps on the left side.
Pro Tip: Keep your core tight, with your abs actively engaged for added intensity.


Plank Arm Lift and Elbow Pull:
Stand at your desk with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Place your hands on the desk in front of you with your back flat and lower your hips in a plank position. Stretch your right arm back overhead as you twist in the waist. Next, replace your right arm and pull your left elbow back. Replace and repeat 16x before starting a second set of 16 reps with left arm as your leading arm.
Pro Tip: Be mindful to extend through your full range of motion.


Elbow Desk Plank and Palm Reach:
Stand at your desk with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, placing your elbows and forearms on the desk while holding a plank position. From here, reach your right arm straight down toward the ground, bending through the elbow to extend out to the side as you rotate your palms to face back. Repeat 16x before starting a second set of 16 reps on the left side.
Pro Tip: Keep your shoulders square, and your lats “tucked down” toward your back pockets to ensure your form is correct.


Standing Desk Reach and Arm Press:
Stand at your desk with feet your shoulder-width apart. Extend both arms straight out to your sides with your palms facing backwards. From here, the right arm reaches towards the desk, then bend through to press arm back behind the body at shoulder level. Return to center and lift the left arm up to a high V-shape before returning to the center. Repeat 16x before starting a second set of 16 reps on the left side.
Pro Tip: Remember to breathe. Oxygen flow increases mobility and promotes circulation.


Feed your need for a nutrient dense meal.
Nothing is more important than ensuring you get a satisfying yet nutrient-dense meal with high quality ingredients like fresh veggies and fruits, lean proteins and super grains. Only by eating a healthy meal midday do you truly achieve the ultimate “Power Lunch” and maintain your energy boost for the rest of the day!

When I’m on the go, it’s imperative to find dining options that support my healthy lifestyle; that’s why I’m so fortunate to have partnered with CPK on the “Power Lunch” concept. While they have a ton of yummy healthful menu items (including gluten-free pizzas), my favorite lunch-time go-to is definitely their new Power Bowls, one of the biggest trends in healthy dining at the moment! CPK’s protein-packed Power Bowls are loaded with fresh, whole ingredients, delicious super grains, and lean protein that will give you a midday energy boost in a flavorful way, so your body is getting plenty of great nutritional benefits while your taste buds are thanking you, too:Tip 5, Tracy Anderson w CPK Power Bowls, 5681.jpg

Banh Mi Power Bowl: This Vietnamese-inspired Power Bowl is loaded with healthy, colorful veggies like baby kale, watermelon radishes, fresh avocado, cucumbers, carrots and bean sprouts and topped with grilled chicken for added protein. Laid on a bed of quinoa, it’s served with housemade chili-lime vinaigrette and serrano peppers for a burst of flavor.

Santa Fe Power Bowl: The southwestern-inspired version features cilantro farro, spinach, tomatoes, sweet corn, black beans, red cabbage, fresh avocado, poblano peppers and toasted pepitas, and is topped with lime chicken and served with housemade poblano ranch on the side.

Now available at all participating CPK’s nationwide, both the Banh Mi Power Bowl and the Santa Fe Power Bowl can be enjoyed in-restaurant, to-go or via delivery!

What’s more, in honor of this news, CPK is  conducting  a special, limited-time-only, buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) offer valid for each of the Power Bowls. Please  click this link  to be taken to a digital coupon that you can print out or show the restaurant on your phone.

Good Luck!!



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