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Sweaty hair? This is what you will need.

I don’t know about you, but because I exercise every day, my hair tends to get ruined almost every day.  I prefer not to wash it daily because I would wash away my hair’s own natural oils. Therefore, in between shampoos, I either use the brush, and that’s it or I use dry shampoo.

Thanks to Aussie, I have discovered their dry shampoo. It is so easy to use and it’s just the perfect tool to have when there is NO time (I tend to have a lot of those times 🙂 ).  If you are not a person who sweats a lot, then, this might work for you too.

dry shampoo                                                                                                 Me after my workout

Try dry shampoo for those days where you feel like your hair needs some help. Shake the can, spray it on your roots and brush. Your hair will look cleaner and fresher. I’m not a big fan of their scent, but it’s ok. Still serves its purpose.

I will warn you, your hair won’t look as clean as it looks when it’s washed, but hey, it’s better than nothing right?

Hope you like my SOS hair secret:-)

Much love to all.


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