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Water Challege 

Water is undoubtly essential to all living beings.  Some of us drink water more than others, but the key is that water shouldn’t only be drunk when thirsty, in fact, this is something that many of us do wrong.

Drinking little water, causes our cells to rust and therefore aging accelerates.  Water helps our cells, organs, skin, blood etc., to clean and get rid of toxins. Everyone should at least drink around 8 glasses of water a day. This will help all the nutrients in your body circulate properly.F7D417F6-5D8E-4161-8E4D-B8F8714BDB56

One of the benefits I love the most when drinking plenty of water (and by plenty I mean 3 liters of water a day), is the look of my skin. It is visibly plumper and brighter.

I challenge all of you ladies, to increase your water intake conciously, for at least three weeks. Take a before and after picture and observe the dramatic change for yourself.

For my water daily intake I combine water and herbal tea. These are my favourite teas for better looking skin:

  • Green Tea ( this is the highest antioxidant tea known ) 
  • Horsetail Tea: loads of great minerals for improving nail, hair and skin health 
  • Rose Tea 
  • Rosehip Tea 

Join us for this 21 day water challenge- starting today!! ☺️

See you in 3 weeks.

Keep glowing @gogloow

Love, xoxo

Carolina & Lorena

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