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Rolling Oils That You Will Love

There seems to be a growing trend in essential oils. I’m seeing them everywhere lately. Since I love to try out new trends, I’m joining the club. Wholistic is a new brand that has caught my eye. A brand that has the cutest roll-on bottles, with different blends of oils, all containing quartz charged under a full moon. Cool, right?

Monica Redondo, the founder, has recently sent me a beautifully packaged box, with 8 mini roll on bottles, each with a little ribbon around it,  as well as a bag of bath salts with energetic crystals. When I asked her about her company she said: “Wholistic is more than just oils. Its about starting a practice of setting intentions and creating you own ritual.”  (This sentence captivated me).

Each blend has a name, (Blend for Women, Mess Around, Goddess Oil, Sleep Formula, and so on) and they are meant to have different uses. All are made with organic herbs like, chamomile, neroli, rosemary, patchouli, yang ylang, bergamot, etc.  It’s difficult to pick a favorite but if I had to pick one I would choose the one that’s still in the process of creation (no name yet) but will launch soon. It contains vanilla, black pepper and sandalwood. It smells like heaven. Seriously. All of the bottles are easy to carry in your bag to use anytime anywhere.IMG_9631

Don’t miss the experience of having your own roll-on and check out the Wholistic web page here.

Hope you enjoy them!




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