DIY / Skin Care

DIY: Replenishing Mask

I love oils and natural omega packed foods. This is why I’m combining probably the best two known foods to help my skin stay moist and young: EVOO and avocados.

During winter our skin needs extra care and moisture due to temperature changes in rooms and harsh weather conditions. This is why I like to treat my skin with this replenishing mask. Follow these steps to make your own mask at home.

  • I use a ripped avocado and I mix it with one tablespoon of EVOO.
  • Once the mix is combined I apply it to my face, neck and hair, and I leave it on as a mask for an entire hour. Make sure you have one whole hour to spare to yourself. Feet up and unwind :-). After one hour, have a nice warm shower and gently remove the mask.576732962

The combination of both will provide you with vitamin E- which will help in stopping the aging process- and antioxidants that will help your skin produce collagen naturally.

Happy new year ladies and gogloow


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