Skin Care

Soufflé for your skin

If you haven’t heard about Angela Caglia’s products, now is your time to google her.  She is a celebrity esthetician, known as “The Hollywood Glow Girl”. Using meadowfoam seed oil, during her facials, she began to be renowned as the best esthetician in Hollywood.

Not so long ago, she’s decided to launch her own beauty line, combining her know-how and some powerful ingredients, with serious anti aging properties. This  black glass jar, contains a soft in texture soufflé, with meadowfoam seed oil, combined with goat’s milk, coconut oil, aloe vera and witch hazel water. It  definitely leaves your skin soft, hydrated with an instant glow.

How she ended up using this special meadow foam seed oil ingredient is a long story. She says: While researching natural and certified organic ingredient labs, I discovered the youth-boosting benefits of a little-known oil from the Limnathes alba – or Meadowfoam — flower, found exclusively in the Pacific Northwest after sampling it from a lab located in that region. I worked with a chemist to combine Meadowfoam Seed Oil with other super-powered ingredients and developed formulas that bring balance, harmony and life back to stressed skin”. (Angela Caglia)053E74B4-B926-4AA3-AF0D-265B2AD0791D

She has creatively known how to distinguish herself in the beauty market by using an elegant and gorgeous packaging.  As a tip, she recommends using it as a lip mask too, and I absolutely love it.  Every other night, I like to apply a small quantity onto my lips  before going to sleep. I wake up with plumped and rejuvenated lips. I say, you have to try it for yourself if you are looking for a natural and light, yet powerful moisturizer. If you’re wondering, all of her skin care line is gentle enough to use on every skin type. I use this moisturizer, day and night and my skin is looking and feeling amazing.

By the way, you might want to know that Meadowfoam Seed Oil is sustainable and eco-friendly, It’s oftenly used as a rotation crop by farmers, making it the ultimate green beauty powerhouse.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Love to all.




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