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Rose and Lavender water

We recently wrote a post about water challenge, talking about the importance of staying hydrated, keeping our skin and organs healthy. An excess of water can be as harmful as drinking very little water, so please find your balance, drink the necessary amounts your body needs in order to function properly. We recommend 1,5 to 2L a day.

If you drink all this amount of water a day, it’s fun to get creative, adding different flavors. We’ve tried adding different plants, fruits, veggies and spices, to flavor our water. It’s fun and it will hook you up.

We love this delicious rose and lavander flavored tea. It’s a little taste of heaven. Rose buds and lavender add  healthy benefits to the water with a very special flavor.FLAVORED WATER

Rose buds are well known for:

  • Being high in vitamin C ( strongest antioxidant known to date )
  • For cleansing bladder and kidneys
  • There caffeine free, therefore it will help soothing the nervous system
  • It removes toxic elements from your digestive system

Lavender has lots of benefits too:

  • It will slow down your nervous system ~ instantly calming you
  • It helps with anxiety and insomnia
  • It aids with digestion
  • It will protect you from ulcer formation

Use 10 rose buds and a spoon of lavander buds to 1 litre of water ( ALWAYS BUY ORGANIC). Let it sit for an hour.  Drink it hot at night ( you can add some organic raw honey ) or drink it cold by storing the result of this amazing mix in the fridge during summer, heavenly delicious!

We are happy to share these tips with all of you ladies!

Team Gogloow


Que delicia este Té de rosas y lavanda, por la noche para dormir y calmarte con una cucharada de miel, o de la nevera como agua saborizada. Las rosas son de mi último viaje a Egipto, muy consumidas en medio oriente especialmente en Irán y la Lavanda de Alemania, donde la homeopatía gana a la medicina tradicional. La mezcla es explosiva, realmente deliciosa y adictiva.

Esperamos que os guste!


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