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“Yellow for confidence. For radiance. For deciding to have a good day before they day’s begun. Wake up to liberating, life-affirming yellow ” (Prismologie). I love good smells, and who doesn’t? That’s why when I got these two Prismologie products from House of 29, I instantly fell in love. It’s smell is so captivating and awakening that you won’t be able to live without it in the mornings.

This is my first time using Prismologie, so  in this post I’m going to tell you a bit about them and their products. Founders of Prismologie, Intisar and Fatima Al-Sabah, believe in the POWER of colors, helping you feel clear, comforted, energized, serene or comforted. They consider their products to be a mood enhancing body line using colors to transmit their energetic vibrance. Isn’t that cool?  They have 6 colors and each one of them represents a different mood: White for Clarity, Yellow for Confidence and Radiance, Pink for Comfort, Green for Serenity and Balance, Red for Vigour and Courage and Indigo for Stillness and Calmness. Each product contains a different blend of gemstones, used to be carriers  of energy into your skin: “Diamonds, Citrines,  Rose Quartz, Jades, Rubies and Sapphires are crushed into the formulations for their well being properties, creating a multi-sensorial range that imbues the skin with the transformational properties of each colour” (House of 29). I’m using Citrine and Bergamot lotion and body wash . They’re both made using mineral and botanical extracts to give you a burst of refreshing energy.  unnamed-2

Their products are a  wonderful burst of scents and moods, and what ir even better, they’re all completely sustainable: Paraben free, silicone free and 100% recyclable – Don’t you love it when products are planet friendly? I DO.

Everyone should try out this line and should let me know how hooked they are to it after using it once. I use it every morning and feel awakened and energized. I can’t live without them. Now, I’ll have to try their other colors too. Can’t wait.

See you soon. Go gloow.




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