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One of my favorite bronzing powders

IMG_3519I usually never wear foundations but I always use bronzing powder in the mornings to give my face that touch of luminosity. Guerlain has one of my favorite bronzing powders. I’m sure you have all heard about Terracota, right? Well, they have reinvented the subtle natural-looking tan with Terracotta Light, the new powder that will wake-up the skin’s glow. 

This light powder and the different sun-kissed tones provide a healthy looking glow. I like it because I can apply it really quick, right before I walk out the house or even in the car. I draw a 3 in my face, starting from the forehead, going to the cheek and then out again,  towards the chin. It’s long lasting and it doesn’t dry up my skin. 

They have 6 different shades that can adapt to your skin tone. Oh, also, you will find some notes of ylang-ylang and orange blossom that you will love.

It’s a definitely a product to have. Which bronzing powders do you use and which one do you love the most?

IMG_3520 (1)


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