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Double cleaning our skin

Our skin needs to breath, the same way our lungs breath for us. If you never clean you skin, it will clog, lose glow and eventually age sooner.

I always clean my skin every evening with an oil based makeup remover. This is something I have been doing for ages. However, I learned the other day, that removing makeup is not enough. There are always some traces left behind. This is why, once you have removed your makeup( if you are wearing any), you should use an oxygenating lotion to allow your skin to breath, unclogging pores, eliminating any impurity and detoxing it from every day’s pollutants. I got a facial the other day at Gracia de la Maza and she taught me all this and more. I thought it would be interesting to share it with all of you. She also used Biologique Recherche products to clean my skin and I was amazed with the results after.69f13f24-e89d-4085-ad1c-dc767b3f09e0-e1577361908237.jpeg

Once the skin is clean, it’s ready for step 2- the lotion. Again, she used Biologique Recherche lotion P50 which is mindblowing. It doesn’t have a very pleasant smell and it stings when applied, but the results are wow. It immediately closes pores, gently exfoliates and hydrates. A good active skin serum, with active ingredients, is needed after the lotion. Right now, I use one from  Enoc Cosmetics, which works well.  Once serum is absorbed, a night moisturizer will do.

If you have a normal to mixed skin, like I do, don’t over moisturize it, or you will have the unwanted result, clogged pores and a dull skin.

Morning routines should be the same, without the cleansing step. Cleaning the skin once a day is enough. Always apply the serum and moisturizer with SPF and you’re good to go!

What does your skincare routine look like? Would love to hear from you. Visit my IG @gogloow and leave your comments under my post!



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