Holistic Coaching

My Holistic Approach to a Healthy Living

A balanced lifestyle is not something you are born with, but rather something you work to have. In my case, its something I have perfectioned through the years, trial and error and experience. I am proud to have achieved the lifestyle that I own. I have worked hard for it. I have focused on my discipline, organization and consistency. Three words that are easy said but hard to achieve, especially when you’re a mom. Motherhood changed everything for me. My life changed and I had to adapt. I learned to address my children’s needs without abandoning my own. How did I do this? With discipline and patience.

I am a psychologist, practicing for many years. Life got me traveling for personal reasons and I have been moving around the globe for the last 10 years. This led me to doing what I do now. I started with my blog and my personal project {GoGloow} 5 years ago. Communicating with the world and being able to share my passions has been an adventure for me and has brought many satisfactory moments. Helping others has always been one of my passions, and I feel lucky to be able to do this from home.

At about the time my blog started, lots of people started contacting me for help and asking me about my way of living. That’s when I realized there was a huge need for this out there, and when I decided to start my wellness coaching program (with my psychological knowledge). My coaching is not solely food or exercise oriented but rather a holistic approach to life. My goal is to teach and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle, not for a year, for LIFE.  People usually worry about weight and looks- but the truth is, we a have other issues to address first. This is what is called “The Circle of Life”, where relationships, exercise, sleeping habits, food, home environment, personal relationships, finances and spirituality all come into play. You can’t lead a balanced lifestyle without addressing all of these first.  That’s where I come into play. My goal is to motivate you to wake up and exercise, to teach you how to eat healthy, to cook and enjoy it, and to stay positive while learning how to be your most balanced self, loving and caring for yourself in order to be able to attend others.

I work online, with a weekly scheduled video call and weekly follow-up. What to expect from my sessions?:I will help you find your own journey to wellness, unlearning all unwanted habits and learning new ones that will serve you.  My mission is to help you cultivate a positive relationship with yourself.  I will also guide you through nutrition, showing you how to have a healthy relationship with food. But overall, I personalize my sessions and  I adapt to everyone’s needs, so feel free to reach out to me via email gogloow1@gmail.com or via Instagram (@gogloow). Don’t wait to feel good and live a satisfied life. You only live once, let’s make it a healthy one.




Single Health Coaching Session (45 minutes) – $90 or 79 €

  • 1 video online session
  • Personalized advice and suggestions to get started

Wellness Coaching Package (8 sessions) – $720  or 610 €

  • 8 Personalized Video Wellness Sessions
  • Unlimited email access
  • Priority settings
  • Time Management Awareness
  • Nutritional Guidance

10 thoughts on “My Holistic Approach to a Healthy Living

  1. Lovely post Carol . I couldn’t agree more !
    Well done you
    Be positive and care for oneself is the first step to attend others .


  2. As a client, I can personally add that the experience to balance my life has been transformational! Working with Carolina and achieving and learning so much on the way has been extraordinary. I’ve struggled to live a healthy, and balanced life for so long and having a coach to guide me through it, and push me to be strong and stick to what I want has really helped me to live a happier and healthier life!


  3. I was a client and we did amazing job! I love that Carolina is a psychologist, it wasn’t only about food and workout, we dig deeper. I understood my struggles, I now make different choices, my life is healthier.


  4. At first I contacted Carolina mainly to get some help on controlling my bad eating habits. I am usually very reserved so I was determined not to reveal too much about my life. To my surprise I ended up talking about some hidden issues in my life and opened right up which was quite a relief. She never really pushed me for that; however I felt so comfortable that I could trust her. I am very glad I did it. Well done Carolina, you don’t just take care of your beautiful body but also of your gentle and compassionate soul!


  5. carol is the sweetest! And she has given me so many helpful suggestions for living a healthier lifestyle mentally and physically. She provides non bias advice and tangible tips and she is such a warm soul!


  6. Carolina came into my life when I needed her the most. I was able to work break old habits and get back on track to feeling like my self again within a couple of months. I am so so grateful for her presence ❤️


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