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My Fitness Journey 2020

Dear all, I hope you are all well and staying safe during these hard times.

The aim of this blog post is to explain how my fitness routine has evolved in hope it can inspire you all to stay fit and strong.

By now, I am sure you all know a bit about my fitness journey. As you may have read in older posts, I started with TA, back in 2009, long time ago. However, my journey has continued evolving.

Nowadays, I still enjoy doing the TA method, but I have also found ways to spark joy by mixing up different fitness routines. If you wonder why, I will explain: It all started a while ago, when my wrists started to complain, so I had no other choice than to listen to my body, pause and find other ways of exercising without being on all-fours 7 days a week. I started researching and discovering other workouts, more ballet/barre based. Fitness routines that would allow me to stand up and still exercise. Through time I  have tried tons of great workouts and platforms and I will name a few for you:

  1. Xtend Barre- This was my first barre class. Pretty cool. She has lots of energy and cool standing up moves. It’s been a while since I haven’t checked back on her again.
  2. Obe fitness– This platform is great. It offers many different type of workouts, like HIT, Barre, Yoga, Bounce with a trampoline, and so on. Lots of fun and many different options too. Shorter 10 minute classes and level-up 45 min classes for those in need of extra burn. (GOGLOOW30 for discount when signing up) @obefitness
  3. Dance Body- This workout is pretty fun too. I enjoy their standing up moves. Lots of fun and they burn like hell. @dancebody
  4. The Class- WOW! This workout is a complete different workout to anything else out there.Taryn Toomey is the founder, and she is exceptional. Her vibe is addictive and her music is unbeatable. What makes her workout so unique is that it feels like a deep emotional exorcism, you will cry, laugh, breathe, dance, shout and overall, feel amazing. I enjoyed it very much. @theclass
  5. Body Barre- These Mexican women, are a box of dynamite. Full of energy, good vibes and blast burning moves. I’ve only done their classes twice, but I am already hooked to them. Jaqueline (the founder) is a ballerina, she explained to me that she had always wanted to create something related to barre but different to what already existed. So she created bodybarre, a method that embraces barre with cardio. A killer class!! @body.barre

If you are wondering, how I combine them all. This is how I do it:

-TA 4  to 5 times a week approximately (depends very much on the class and my wrists)

-Trampoline once a week (love the cardio with obefitness, so much fun)

-Barre, twice a week (Once a week with obefitness and another with bodybarre)

Hope this information inspires you too. There is no ONE-workout fits all. Find your own formula, love it and live on repeat, especially during this quarantine.

Sending love.

Stay safe,



4 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey 2020

  1. Thank you for your wonderful post. I broke my wrist in 2016. Like you I have had to modify my exercise. I love watching your posts on Instagram and are inspired by you. I recently bought a few TA DVD’s and am using them a few times a week in conjunction with my barre workouts.


  2. Hola! Solo sigo a 5 personas en Instagram y tu eres una. Ademas es la primera vez en mi vida q escribo en un blog.. Mi más sincera enhorabuena! Me encantan tanto el blog como tus posts son sinceros, nada pretenciosos y muy inspiradores. Hago bastante deporte desde hace años pero me suscribi al estudio de Madrid de TA y aunque me encanta me hago daño en el trapecio. Conoces a alguien que le haya ocurrido lo mismo? Que me aconsejas que haga? He probado de todo y he seguido intentando durante 8 meses a pesar del dolor pero creo que ya es hora de probar otras alternativas. Iba a empezar por alguna de las que sugieres en este post pero soy incapaz de encontrar las webs para la suscripción online (la que más me interesa es la última de bodybarre) Muchas gracias por tu ayuda y de nuevo enhorabuena!


    • Hola Rocio, muchas gracias por tus palabras y por seguirme. Es un halago saber que sirvo de inspiración. Me alegra que me veas sincera y cero pretenciosa, porque ese es mi objetivo. Comunicar genuinamente. En cuanto a lo de TA, si, conozco a gente que se lesiona o que no le va tan bien. A mi me duelen las muñecas y aunque me encanta el metodo, lo he dejado de hacer todos los dias. Barre es estupendo porque la mayoría de los ejercicios son de pie. Body barre es la bomba. Ahora hacen streaming via IG, pero están por abrir una plataforma. Espero que eso te ayude.



  3. Carolina,
    I love your blog and also love TA. You are very helpful in terms of sharing what you eat, but can you speak about when and how much you eat? Of all the TA devotees, I’ve found your transition to be the most inspirational and aspirational. Thank you !


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