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My PROLON 5 Day Experience

As many of you already know, I am not a detox kind of person. My love for food is such that I have never been able to do a juice cleansing, a water detox or any other kind of detox. However, the concept of “Fasting Mimicking Diet” caught my attention. While reading the book “The Longevity Diet”,  I realized how interesting this resetting could be for my body, so I decided to give it a go.

ProLon is a 5-day meal program, based on 20 years of research; it is a 5-day restricted calorie, plant-based meal program designed to mimic a fasting state without the risks of a water-only fast. It is a safer option than water-only fast because it provides the macro and micro-nutrients your body needs. It makes you feel greater focus, clarity and energy. It has been proved to support the whole-body functionality.

I received Prolon’s box, containing 5 different boxes with EVERYTHING you need to eat during the five days. To be honest, I wanted to cry. But I pushed myself to do it because I knew there would be a reward after.

Day 1: This is the easiest day. I was motivated, had energy and the soups and kale crackers were pretty good, so I enjoyed the first day.

Day 2: Calories go from 1100 to around 750, this was difficult for me. I felt tired, plus I kind of went down with a cold (nothing related to the program, only bad luck).

Day 3: This was by far the worst day. Very little food during this day but I pushed through it. I wanted to quit constantly. I felt angry, frustrated, speechless and stuck in my own world. All I know is that I went to bed wanting to quit.

Day 4: I woke up  with super powers. Positive, energized, refreshed, happy, focused, you name it. My husband even said ” wow, you are talking again”, lol.

Anyway, my energy was skyrocketing and I managed to do a soft yoga class, work, be a mom, cook and all of it with a smile. I wasn’t missing food as much as day 1 to day 3.

Day 5: This day is the last day on Prolon. My energy was still great and my clarity was amazing. However, by now, I  felt like I was ready to finish. I was ready to go to my new normal life.

Overall, I recommend this to everyone who wants to give their systems a break, supporting it and allowing it to rejuvenate on its own. I would suggest to always make a consultation with your doctor and wait for his approval. If you are underweight or have eating disorders, I would NOT recommend this cleansing.

If you decide to go on this “fast-mimicking program” journey, use GOGLOOW10 for a discount. Click here to view their full program.



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