Hi!! Let me introduce myself: I’m Carolina, born and raised in Spain and now currently living in Amsterdam. I am a Health Coach, a mom of  two beautiful girls and a wife to the most amazing husband. My life is pretty busy but nevertheless, I always try to find some time for myself

I have a BA in Psychology and I have practiced as a psychologist for many years.  However, I decided to start this blog some years ago as a way to share my passion with others about beauty, skin care, anti aging, fitness, healthy eating and overall wellness.

Thank you for joining me in my blogging journey. I do hope you enjoy what you read and please feel free to share your comments.

Thanks so much for reading!!!



10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hola Carolina y Lorena
    Descubrí hoy GoGlow
    Me encanta, se lo voy a mandar a Ximena mi hija que estudia en Parsons y creo que es mas de las edades de ustedes.
    Soy venezolana pero vivo dividida entre Miami, NY, Madrid y Galicia por razones “obvias”
    Les deseo todo lo mejor


    • Gracias Graciela por seguirnos y compartir nuestro blog. Nuestra ilusión es poder compartir todos nuestros secretos para estar mas bellas. No se olvide de mandarle el link de GoGloow con 2 O’s.



  2. Hola Carolina!
    Descubrí tu blog e Instagram en julio y lo leí de arriba abajo, jaja. En verano hice precisión tonning y ahora me acaba de llegar metamorfosis. No tengo Instagram y he visto que has convocado para hacer una clase en MAdrid!!! Que bien!!! Me encantaría apuntarme, te mando mi mail por si me podéis avisar cuando lo hagáis.
    Por cierto! En septiembre estuve en NYC y me dijeron en el estudio de tracy que iba a abrir un studio en MAdrid, sabes algo de eso?

    Espero noticias!!! Muchas gracias


  3. Hello Carolina and Lorena!
    My name is Natalia. I live in Riga, Latvia and I am a huge fan of the Tracy Anderson method. I have been following the Method for almost 4 years from home. Unfortunately, there is noone I know here in Latvia who does method as well. Likely, it happens that I will be visiting Madrid at the very beginning of May. I was wonderring if it is possible at all to attend the class at lamarcamad (i am not sure if i write it correctly). This place looks fantastic on the gogloow instagram page. Please, let me know. Thank you so much in advance!


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